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The GIS Council forms working groups to carry out its mission and responsibilities for statewide initiatives. These working groups are volunteers with policy and/or technical expertise who provide their time to planning, management, and implementing the statewide geospatial program. Working groups conduct research and develop recommendations for standards, guidelines, infrastructure, and funding to support collaborative efforts by state, local and federal agencies to periodically acquire and share updated and accurate geospatial data for Nebraska.

Scope and Boundaries

These working groups promote a coordinated effort across a broad cross-section of stakeholders involving public agencies and the private sector for the planning and maintenance of data acquisition and sharing across the state. These programs and initiative require a significant public investment, but if done collaboratively, on a regular periodic basis, these costs can be minimized and shared across a broad user community.

Goals and Outcomes

Each of the working groups have specific goals and outcomes. Each are predestined to develop alternatives for systematic and cost-effective acquisition of these products, and defining a program of stewardship for managing and publishing the data and services. The following are core outcomes expected from the working groups.

Communicate efforts of the program to raise awareness, show value, and strive to identify ongoing needs and issues to be solved.

Coordinate with stakeholders to plan and implement program management teams to carry out the business and implementation plans to assure the programs will sustain themselves over time.

Enterprise-level programs, which upon completion, will enable and support the on-going collection from multiple sources, integration, and distribution of "best available" statewide data layers and services.

Standards and guidelines for assuring data quality, accuracy and cost-effective uses of resources to acquire and share data.

Promote data sharing and provide widespread access to data and services through

Facilitate technical assistance and education outreach opportunities for furthering the adoption of the NESDI and geospatial applications.

Achieve sustainable and efficient allocation of resources to support the implementation and wise governance of GIS services and geospatial data.


These workgroups will:

• Make recommendations to the GIS Council regarding standards, guidelines, infrastructure and funding needs.

• Identify ongoing issues and needs related to management, development, maintenance, and data sharing aspects related to NESDI and NebraskaMAP initiatives.