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Advisory Groups

The NITC conducts the majority of its work through its advisory groups. Each of the councils and the Technical Panel has a charter, adopted by the NITC, which establishes the council membership, responsibilities, and meeting procedures. Charters, proceedings, and other information are available for each council.

Community Council Icon

Community Council

The Community Council addresses issues related to the use and availability of information technology and broadband in Nebraska communities.

Education Council Icon

Education Council

The Education Council represents public and private K-12 education, and public and private higher education as it advises the Commission on matters related to educational technology.

eHealth Council Icon

eHealth Council

The eHealth Council facilitates discussions among eHealth initiatives in the state and makes recommendations to the NITC regarding the adoption and interoperability of eHealth technologies.

GIS Council Icon

GIS Council

The GIS Council develops strategies, standards and policies as it relates to the creation and use of geospatial data and geographic information system technologies for Nebraska.

State Government Council Icon

State Government Council

The State Government Council provides direction and oversight for state government information technology vision, goals and policy

Technical Panel Icon

Technical Panel

The Technical Panel is responsible for reviewing technology related budget requests; monitoring project implementation; reviewing grant applications; and recommending technical standards and guidelines.