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The Community Council of the Nebraska Information Technology Commission is an advisory committee of the NITC composed of representatives from rural and community IT development, local governments and libraries, resource providers, and other focus areas as deemed appropriate by the Community Council and the NITC.


The mission of the Council is to foster the collaborative, innovative, and effective use of technology through partnerships between public and private sectors to support community and economic development for Nebraska citizens.


• Rural and Community IT Development

• Local Government and Libraries

• At-large, Resource Sector

• Other focus areas as deemed appropriate by the Community Council and the NITC


• The potential benefits of information technology to communities, businesses, local government, and residents are numerous:

• Communities can use their websites to publicize community events, communicate with former residents and prospective newcomers, and advertise available commercial sites.

• Communities can enhance promotional and informational activities through the use of newer technologies such as social networking or video content delivered through YouTube or podcasts.

• Businesses can use information technology to decrease costs, increase sales, and provide better customer service.

• Local governments can use information technology to more efficiently deliver services and provide information to citizens.

• Residents can update their skills through continuing education, search for employment, network with others who share their interests, and share photos or videos with distant family members or Internet users worldwide.


• Assist the Commission in developing, reviewing and updating the statewide technology plan.

• Identify specific community information technology needs in Nebraska.

• Develop strategies to address the unique circumstances of rural areas with sparse population.

• Establish such subcommittees and task forces as necessary and appropriate to advise the Council on specific issues.

• Recommend policies, guidelines and standards that promote economic opportunities, innovation, and entrepreneurship to improve quality of life in communities through the use of information technology.

• Recommend policies and initiatives that promote awareness, access, training, partnerships, and planning for the use of information technology in communities.

• Review and make recommendations to the Commission on requests for funds from the Community Technology Fund.

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For further information about the council, contact
Anne Byers

To learn more about the Community council and our responsibilities, please review the Charter (PDF).