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The Nebraska Geographic Information Systems Council was established by the Legislature in 1991 (Reissued Revised Statutes of Nebraska, 1943, §86-569 through §86-573). The Council serves as the state's primary oversight group for the development of standards, strategies, and policies as it relates to the creation and use of geospatial data and technologies. The Council emphasizes cooperation and coordination among agencies, organizations, and government entities. These coordinated efforts lead to creating public and private partnerships, greater geospatial productivity, less redundancy, and more informed policy across all disciplines and business lines involving geospatial data and technologies in the state.


Encourage the appropriate utilization of GIS technology and to assist organizations to make public investments in GIS technology and geospatial data in an effective, efficient, and coordinated manner.


• State of Nebraska Agencies

• Local and County Government

• League of Municipalities

• Natural Resource Districts

• Public Power Districts

• Federal Agencies

• Nebraska GIS LIS Association

• Private Industry


• Improved access to complete, high-quality geospatial data layers that are authoritative and peer reviewed.

• Improved maintenance of regional and local geographic data as a result of common standards, procedures, and stewardship practices.

• Reducing overhead by "Creating it Once, Sharing it Many"

• Access to data and technology will be more consistent, with less regional disparity

• Multi-jurisdiction geographic information management will be more efficient and better coordinated, particularly in response to natural disasters, homeland security and other statewide emergencies.

• Opportunities for leveraging and sharing resources and funds for future data and technology needs.


• Provide leadership and assistance to the GIS user community and Commission to facilitate development and maintenance of the Nebraska Spatial Data Infrastructure (NESDI).

• Encourage and guide the development and implementation of collaborative enterprise-level services and access to data through NebraskaMAP.

• Reduce the public costs through government partnerships and broaden access to technology, tools, and related information.

• Facilitate the development and adoption of spatial data standards and data documentation.

• To enable the greatest return on public investments in data development by enabling and encouraging data sharing.

• Make recommendations to the Legislature and the Commission for program initiatives and funding.

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For further information about the council, contact
Casey DunnGossin

To learn more about the council and our responsibilities, please review the GIS Council Charter PDFCharter (PDF).

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