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Land Records


Enabling the integration of different local government land records information into a statewide dataset. Developing guidelines for a common geodatabase model that can provide public data for use in a multitude of state government applications.


The working group is preparing a comprehensive business plan. The current standards and guidelines are being updated. A working statewide geodatabase model has been developed and populated since 2015. This effort involves working with local county assessors to obtain parcel (spatial and attribute) data for use in various state government applications. Requirements have been added to the State Records Board grants for communicating and accessing geospatial data from grant funded projects.

Low Distortion Projection (LDP) Project
Cuurently the LDP project is intended to provide GIS users more accurate section corner positions and to help land surveyors locate existing monuments prior to commencing field work. The information is not intended to replace established field procedures for boundary surveying. This project is spearheaded through the State Surveyors Office.

Low Distortion Projection Project
Nebraska PLSS Database
New National Datums - National Geodetic Survey

Standards and Guidelines

Land Record Information and Mapping Standards (NITC 3-202)
Geospatial Metadata Standard (NITC 3-201)
*These standards are currently under review and being updated.

Future standards and guidelines are planned to be drafted on administrative boundaries, cadastral data exchange, and geodetic control data content.

Program Resources

Technical and Educational Resources