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GIS Council Icon – Nebraska Geospatial Data Sharing and Web Services Network


Implement an enterprise geospatial platform to provide public and private access to peer-reviewed Nebraska Spatial Data Infrastructure data, maps, and GIS web services.


The working group has developed a plan is implementing a new clearinghouse platform to support geospatial data sharing and web services for Nebraska. A data management and content policy has been put in place and Data subcommittee has been formed to peer-review submissions prior to implementation on NebraskaMAP.

Standards and Guidelines

Land Record Information and Mapping Standards* (NITC 3-202)
Geospatial Metadata Standard (NITC 3-201)
*These standards are currently under review and being updated.

NITC E-Government Architecture Standards for State Government Websites

Future standards and guidelines are planned to be drafted on administrative boundaries, cadastral data exchange, and geodetic control data content.

Program Resources

Technical and Educational Resources