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NITC Commission Members
Member Term Representing
Leah Barrett
Northeast Community College
8/30/2022 - 4/2/2026 (1st) Communities
Bret R. Blackman
Vice President for IT and CIO
University of Nebraska
8/30/2022 - 4/2/2026 (1st) Postsecondary Education
Sen. Wendy DeBoer
Nebraska Legislature
1/2023 - 1/2025 Legislature
(Ex officio, nonvoting member)
James Ediger
General Counsel
Hamilton Telecommunications
8/30/2022 - 4/2/2026 (1st) General Public
Shane Greckel
Greckel Farms LLC
4/3/2020 - 4/2/2024 (2nd) General Public
Kirk Langer
Chief Technology Officer
Lincoln Public Schools
8/30/2022 - 4/2/2026 (1st) Elementary and Secondary Education
Zachary J. Mellender
Business Systems & Analytics Manager
Omaha Zoological Society
8/30/2022 - 4/2/2026 (1st) General Public
Katie Niemoller
Registered Nurse
Children's Hospital and Medical Center
11/23/2022 - 4/2/2026 (1st) General Public
Daniel Spray
Precision Technology
4/3/2020 - 4/2/2024 (2nd) General Public
Ed Toner, Chair
Chief Information Officer
State of Nebraska
Office Governor