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Nebraska Statewide Elevation Program


The overall goal is to facilitate the acquisition, maintenance, and sharing of a statewide elevation dataset by developing standards and specifications for LiDAR point clouds and derivative products. This program will further develop alternatives for systematic and cost-effective acquisition of these products, and defining a program of stewardship for managing and publishing the data.

Current LIDAR Coverage

LiDAR Coverage Map PDF
LiDAR Coverage Map


The state has complete LiDAR coverage and areas are being recollected to refresh the data and to make sure all the LiDAR data for the state is at a QL2 level. If there are partners who want to help with the cost for specific areas, please contact someone on the GIS council or the Nebraska State GIS Coordinator

Nebraska LIDAR Collection Status Application (Web App)

Standards and Guidelines

Elevation Acquisition using LiDAR Standards (NITC 3-203)
USGS LiDAR Specifications V1.2
Geospatial Metadata Standard (NITC 3-201)

Program Resources