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The Nebraska GIS Council meetings are held quarterly. Location will be noted on the agenda.     

Occasionally meetings are scheduled in other locations. The general public is welcome to attend these meetings.

Review Meeting Procedure

For additional information please contact

Casey DunnGossin
Office of the CIO, NITC
501 South 14th Street
P.O. Box 95045
Lincoln, NE 68509


Meetings Scheduled for 2024

2023 GIS Council Meetings
Date Agenda Minutes
March 6, 2024 Agenda (PDF) Minutes (PDF)
June 5, 2024 Agenda (PDF) Minutes (PDF)
September 4, 2024 Agenda (PDF) Minutes (PDF)
October 30, 2024 Agenda (PDF) Minutes (PDF)

2023 Meetings Held

2023 GIS Council Meetings
Date Agenda Minutes
February 1, 2023 Agenda (PDF) Minutes (PDF)
May 3, 2023 Agenda (PDF) Minutes (PDF)
August 2, 2023 Agenda (PDF) Minutes (PDF)
November 1, 2023 Agenda (PDF) Minutes (PDF)

Next meeting Wednesday, June 5, 2024 at 1:00 pm
Location 245 Fallbrook Blvd, Lincoln, NE