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Enterprise Projects



Enterprise Projects - Current

Agency/Entity Project NITC Designated
Nebraska Council of Regions Nebraska Regional Interoperability Network (NRIN) 3/15/2010
Dept. of Health and Human Services iServe Nebraska 11/12/2020
Dept. of Transportation Financial Systems Modernization Project 7/8/2021
Nebraska Public Employees Retirement Systems OPS Retirement Plan Management Transfer 11/4/2021
Dept. of Administrative Services, State Budget Division New Budget Management and Request System 11/10/2022

Enterprise Projects - Closed

Agency/Entity Project NITC Designated NITC Closed
University of Nebraska and State College System Student Information System and SAP 7/8/2009 4/11/2012
Office of the CIO Enterprise Content Management System 7/8/2009 4/11/2012
Dept. of Health and Human Services Access Nebraska 7/8/2009 8/15/2012
Dept. of Administrative Services LINK – Human Capital Management (HCM) (formerly Talent Management) 7/8/2009 4/19/2013
Nebraska State Patrol Fusion Center 11/30/2009 12/10/2013
Workers' Compensation Court Adjudication Re-engineering 4/11/2012 12/10/2013
Office of the CIO Nebraska Statewide Radio System (formerly Public Safety Wireless) 7/8/2009 10/28/2014
Dept. of Administrative Services EnterpriseOne System Upgrade 12/10/2013 11/12/2015
Dept. of Administrative Services LINK – Procurement 7/8/2009 (Original LINK Project) 3/10/2016
Office of the CIO-University of Nebraska-NET Network Nebraska – Education (LB1208) 7/8/2009 11/10/2016
Dept. of Education District Dashboards 4/19/2013 11/10/2016
Dept. of Administrative Services Oracle Fusion 3/9/2017 11/14/2019
Dept. of Education Nebraska State Accountability (NeSA) 7/8/2009 3/12/2020
Dept. of Health and Human Services Medicaid Eligibility & Enrollment System 10/28/2014 11/12/2020
Dept. of Health and Human Services New Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) 7/8/2009 3/11/2021
Office of the CIO Centrex Replacement 7/12/2018 11/10/2022

Voluntary Review Projects - Current

Agency/Entity Project Reporting Started

Voluntary Review Projects - Closed

Agency/Entity Project Reporting Started Reporting Ended
Nebraska State Patrol Law Enforcement Message Switch   9/10/2013
Nebraska State Patrol AFIS Upgrade 5/14/2013 3/11/2014
University of Nebraska and State College System NeSIS PeopleSoft Campus Solutions ADA Compliance   10/14/2014
Nebraska State Patrol AFIS Upgrade (2nd) 1/2016 2/14/2017
Office of the CIO Mainframe Active-Active 4/10/2018 6/12/2018
Office of the CIO Novell to Netscaler 4/10/2018 4/9/2019