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Member   Alternate
Jason Jackson Dept. of Administrative Services Pete Gierasch
Kelly Lammers* Dept. of Banking and Finance Mike Fabry
Robin Spindler* Dept. of Correctional Services Ron TeBrink
Don Arp, Jr. Crime Commission Mike Fargen
Dennis Burling* Dept. of Environment and Energy  
Trinity Chappelear* Governor's Policy Research Office
[Vacant]* Dept. of Health & Human Services
John Albin Dept. of Labor Angie Hansen-Kruse
Rhonda Lahm Dept. of Motor Vehicles Keith Dey
Kim Menke* Dept. of Natural Resources Steve Rathje
Chris Ayotte* Dept. of Revenue  
Colonel John A. Bolduc Nebraska State Patrol Pam Kunzman
Devin Townsend* Dept. of Transportation Suzy Fredrickson
Ed Toner Chief Information Officer
Council Chairperson
Jim Ohmberger Office of the CIO - IT Administrator, Enterprise Computing Services  
Jayne Scofield Office of the CIO - IT Administrator, Network Services Jim Sheets
Dean Folkers Dept. of Education - Chief Information Officer Tibor Moldovan
Colleen Byelick* Secretary of State  
Gerry Oligmueller State Budget Administrator Neil Sullivan
Corey Steel State Court Administrator
Supreme Court
Jennifer Rasmussen
Jill Gradwohl Schroeder Workers' Compensation Court Administrator Aaron Anderson
Rod Wagner Library Commission
(Non-Code Agency Representative)
Vern Buis
Dorest Harvey Private Sector