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Street Centerline Address Geodatabase


Developing and maintaining a statewide seamless street centerline and address point referencing system used for transportation, public safety (ie, NexGEN 911), economic development and other related state government applications.


The working group is preparing a comprehensive business plan. Specifications and standards for data models and workflows for enhancing the spatial quality of road centerlines and address points have been developed. The expectations from the outcome of this program supports multiple needs beyond traditional public safety uses such as E-911 and NG 911.

Standards and Guidelines

Street Centerline Standard (NITC 3-205)
Address Standard (NITC 3-206)
National Emergency Number Association (NENA) Next Generation 9-1-1 Standards

Land Record Information and Mapping Standards* (NITC 3-202)
*These standards are currently under review and being updated.

Program Resources

Technical and Educational Resources