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The eHealth Council members include representatives from the following groups: the State of Nebraska, Health Providers, eHealth Initiatives, Public Health, Payers and Employers, Consumers, and Resource Providers, Experts, and Others.

Membership Details

The State of Nebraska/Federal Government

Member Representing Alternates
Vacant Nebraska Legislature
Linda Wittmuss NDHHS Division of Behavioral Health Heather Wood

Health Care Providers

Member Representing Alternates
Marty Fattig, Co-Chair Nemaha County Hospital, Auburn
Brian Sterud Faith Regional Health System
Kevin Borcher Nebraska Pharmacists Association
Bridget Young Visiting Nurse Association
Cindy Kadavy Nebraska Health Care Association

eHealth Initiatives

Member Representing Alternates
Vacant Telehealth
Paul Hakenkamp CyncHealth
Anna Turman CHI Health

Public Health

Member Representing Alternates
Ashley Newmyer Department of Health and Human Services
Dave Palm UNMC College of Public Health
Kathy Cook, Co-Chair Lincoln-Lancaster County Public Health Department
Gary Cochran UNMC College of Public Health

Payers and Employers

Member Representing Alternates
Jan Evans Blue Cross Blue Shield
Allison Wisco Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Medicaid and Long-Term Care


Member Representing Alternates
Jina Ragland AARP 

Resource Providers, Experts, and Others

Member Representing Alternates
Todd Searls Praesidio Healthcare Consulting
Dr. James McClay UNMC