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Resources: Training Opportunities

CyberLearning Universe

CLU, project of the nonprofit National Education Foundation, is offering 5,000 teachers free enrollment for any of its 500 Internet-based online personal and professional computing courses, including PC Basics, Internet Basics, Web Design Basics, Microsoft Office, and Web Master. To sign up, visit CyberLearning's Web site and click on "Free IT Training" then "Teacher."

NSBA Technology in Education

The National School Board Association lists a collection of documents involving legal issues related to school technology.

Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL)

McREL offers an excellent page of resources on consulting, training, and workshops that is broken down by topics.

eLearning Innovations (formerly Teletraining Institute for Distance Learning)

Website of the eLearning Innovations, Inc.. The primary emphasis is to help instructors adapt their own skills to teach in a distance environment. Teletraining focuses on helping educators prepare and develop content in an appropriate manner.

Technology Horizons in Education

Educators can select from numerous free webcasts and webinars for continuing education. Courses cover a variety of topics, including technology skill development, technology integration, enhanced teaching techniques and leadership. The Web-based courses use the latest online technology and tools.