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Resources: Grants and Funding

USDA Rural Utilities Services Grants

The Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant and Loan Program (DLT) was created to encourage, improve, and make affordable the use of telecommunications, computer networks and related technology for rural communities to improve access to educational and/or medical services.

Federal Technology Opportunities Program(TOP)

TOP gives grants for model projects demonstrating innovative uses of network technology. TOP evaluates and actively shares the lessons learned from these projects to ensure the benefits are broadly distributed across the country, especially in rural and underserved communities. Since 1994, TOP has made matching grants to state, local and tribal governments, health care providers, schools, libraries, police departments, and community-based non-profit organizations.

U.S. Department of Education Grants

U.S. Department of Education Web site includes grant links to Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to use Technology (PT3), Community Technology Centers (CTC), Learning Anywhere Anytime Partnerships (LAAP), Star Schools, Technology Literacy Challenge Fund (TLCF), Technology Innovation Challenge Grants (TICG), Interagency Education Research Initiative (IERI) and Assistive Technology. Extra federal and non-federal resources available here.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

This private foundation considers grant inquiries for educational technology in the "Helping all Students to Achieve" and "Gates Milennium Scholars" Programs.

The Digital Divide Network

Web site devoted to numerous grant funds from several different types of sources.

Technology Grant News

Technology Grant News is a useful website to stay up-to-date on education technology funding opportunities.