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Resources: Education Agencies

Nebraska K-12 Districts

Visit the Nebraska Education website and insert the community name or select the district for any location in Nebraska and the closest public and private K-12 schools will appear in the search results.

Nebraska Postsecondary Institutions

Visit the Nebraska Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education to see a summary of every higher education institution in the State, divided by State Colleges, Community Colleges, University of Nebraska, Independent Colleges and Universities, and Private Career Schools. Individual links to each campus are included.

Educational Service Units

The Nebraska Department of Education maintains a geographic representation and links to the state's 17 intermediate education agencies called Educational Service Units or ESUs.

Nebraska Department of Education

The Nebraska Department of Education includes links to all departments and services including a teacher locator directory, state standards, assistive technology and of special interest, the Education Technology Center. The Technology Center also has links to the Nebraska Educator Technology Competencies and the Rubric of Essential Technology Conditions.

Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education

Web site for the Nebraska Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education; data and statistics on Nebraska colleges and universities as well as meeting information for the Coordinating Commission.

Nebraska Educational Telecommunications

Web site of Nebraska Educational Telecommunications; includes sections on Television, Public Radio, and Educable as well as Educational Services related to distance learning and interactive media.

U.S. Department of Education--Office of Educational Technology (OET)

Web site of the Office of Educational Technology with links to Budget & Legislation, Digital Divide, Distance Learning, Evaluation & Assessment, International, Internet Safety, and Internship Opportunities. The site also includes grants, resources, a director of state educational technology centers, and reports/speeches.

Congressional Web-based Education Commission

Web site of the Web-based Education Commission. The Commission seeks broad public input on the key issues and potential resolutions affecting the use of the Internet for learning.