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About Network Nebraska-Education

The purpose of the Network Nebraska—Education Advisory Group is to assist the State of Nebraska Chief Information Officer in crafting the vision and strategic direction for Network Nebraska—Education based on the NITC Education Council marketing survey and Ad Hoc Education Advisory Group participant input.

The Education Council Governance Task Group has described the Network Nebraska advisory group with the following attributes:

  • Representative members of the advisory group must utilize and be members of Network Nebraska.
  • The advisory group should have equal and geographic representation.
  • The advisory group should meet a minimum of six times per year.  At the end of the first year, the Chief Information Officer - State of Nebraska and the NITC Education Council should re-evaluate the effectiveness of the advisory group and make recommendations as appropriate.
  • As an advisory group and to foster communication, the members of the Network NebraskaCollaboration Aggregation Partnership (CAP) should attend a minimum of three of the six meetings per year.
  • The Chief Information Officer - State of Nebraska should attend the first meeting.
  • Each Network Nebraska Education Subsector should have two representatives (one urban representative and one rural representative).
  • Advisory group minutes must be shared in a timely manner with the NITC Education Council and the CAP.