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Membership Details

Selection of Memebers

The Commission may solicit nominations from organizations or individuals with an active interest or involvement in eHealth in forming the initial set of members. The Commission may also seek out additional qualified candidates. Nominations shall describe the qualifications of the person relative to the goals of the eHealth Council. In choosing members, the eHealth Council andthe NITC shall strive for a balance of perspectives on eHealth issues.

Member Responsibilities

Each member is responsible for maintaining two-way communication with their sector constituents concerning issues brought before the Council.


The eHealth Council may solicit nominations to fill vacant positions and may recommend new members to the NITC for approval. The Commission may also seek out additional qualified candidates.

Length of Service

One-third of the members shall initially serve 3-year terms. One-third of members will initially serve two-year terms. One-third of members will initially serve one-year terms. Subsequent terms will be three-years. Elected officials will serve as ex-officio members and will be appointed annually by the NITC.

Designated Alternates and Non-voting Alternates

Each member of the Council may designate one (1) official voting alternate. This official voting alternate shall be registered with the Office of the Chief Information Officer and NITC and, in theabsence of the official member, have all the privileges as the official member on items of discussion and voting.

If the official member and his/her official alternate are unable to attend a Council meeting either in person or electronically, then the sub-sector affected may send a non-voting alternate to gather or share information.