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of the
Nebraska Information Technology Commission

June 1, 2001

State Office Building, 301 Centennial Mall South, Lincoln
6th Floor, Conference Room 6Z
phone bridge (402) 472-6899


Community Council Meeting

1:30 Roll Call/Introductions--Co-Chair
Notice of Posting of Agenda--Co-Chair
Approval of May* Minutes-Co-Chair
Public Comment
1:45 Approval of Action Plans*--Anne Byers

Community Council membership and participation in subcommittees(PDF 8k) *--Anne Byers

Approval of Revised Community Council Charter* (PDF 21k) --Anne Byers

Update on Subcommittees

2:30 Target Industry Study -- Jack Ruff, Department of Economic Development
3:25 Next Meeting Dates and Locations--Co-Chair
3:30 Adjourn--Co-Chair

Meeting announcement and agenda posted on the NITC Web site and the Nebraska Public Meeting Web site on May 22, 2001. Agenda updated May 31, 2001.

Meeting Agenda