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Agency IT Project Proposals for 2015-2017 Biennium

Project # Agency Project Title
09-01 SECRETARY OF STATE Business Services Filing System
09-02 SECRETARY OF STATE Collection Agency Online Renewal Application
18-01 DEPT OF AGRICULTURE Paperless Inspection Project
24-01 DEPT OF MOTOR VEHICLES Nebraska Systems Update and Modification (NSUM)
40-01* MOTOR VEHICLE INDUSTRY LICENSING Replacement Software Program
41-01 REAL ESTATE COMMISSION Licensee Database
81-01 COMM FOR BLIND & VISUALLY IMPAIRED AWARE Client Data Tracking System Procurement
* No review. Outside the scope of review requirements.

Supplemental Reviews

Project # Agency Project Title
13-01 DEPT OF EDUCATION Nebraska eLearning Project
13-02 DEPT OF EDUCATION Education Data Systems Capacity Building
13-03 DEPT OF EDUCATION Instructional Improvement Systems
27-01 DEPT OF ROADS Mainframe Migration
27-02 DEPT OF ROADS Stock Supply System
27-03 DEPT OF ROADS ARMS Enhancements