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Workgroups Archive

This is an archive of inactive or repealed workgroups for the Technical Panel
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Network Architecture Workgroup

Develop recommendations for the Technical Panel on technical issues pertaining to the state's network architecture and provide technical input to the Collaborative Aggregation Partnership

E-Government Architecture Workgroup

Make recommendations to the Technical Panel on what components make up an efficient and robust foundation to support e-government. Evaluate the adequacy of the state's foundation for e-government. Recommend policies, guidelines, and best practices to address any problems or issues.

Statewide Synchronous Video Network Workgroup

This work group should define the technical and non-technical requirements for interconnecting all synchronous video networks and meeting the scheduling needs of different participants. Issues to be addressed should include business case, event scheduling and clearinghouse, traffic prioritization, security, quality assurance, cost-sharing, and existing contractual arrangements of regional networks.

Security Architecture Workgroup

Rechartered by the State Government Council