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Security Architecture Workgroup


Prepare policies, standards, and guidelines for the security architecture for state government. Make recommendations to the State Government Council and Technical Panel on matters relating to security within state government.

Scope & Boundaries

Security architecture includes protection of the physical, intellectual, and electronic assets of the State, including its security polices, network access controls, virus protection, network administration, transaction security, and workstation security. The security architecture must address issues relating to authentication, authorization, confidentiality, data integrity, non-repudiation, and isolation which includes all wired or wireless data communication inbound and outbound of the State's protected network environment.

Goals & Outcomes

Educate Provide information to state agencies, policy makers, and citizens about security issues.

Research Document existing problems, potential points of vulnerability, and related risks.

Requirements Determine security requirements of state agencies stemming from state and federal laws or regulations.

Recommendations Make recommendations to the State Government Council and Technical Panel regarding security policies, standards and guidelines.

For more information contact:
Patrick Wright
State Information Security Officer

Security Architecture Workgroup Charter