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NITC approves broadband plan

Broadband in Nebraska: Current Landscape and Recommendations lays out a vision for broadband in Nebraska, sets goals and makes recommendations to further broadband development in Nebraska.

The plan sets goals for broadband availability and adoption for 2020, including having broadband service of 25 Mbps down available to 90 percent of Nebraska households and having more than 90 percent of Nebraska households subscribe to broadband. Broadband access to the Internet is also having a positive impact on business revenue with respondents to a 2013 survey of Nebraska businesses reporting 25 to 45 percent of revenue from the Internet.

The development of a state broadband plan is the culmination of a five-year broadband mapping and planning initiative funded by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.  Partners in the Nebraska Broadband Initiative include the Nebraska Information Technology Commission, Nebraska Public Service Commission, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska Department of Economic Development, and AIM.

Broadband in Nebraska, a video produced by the University of Nebraska, highlights the findings of the plan and is available on YouTube.