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New Blog Series Looks at Nebraska Broadband Data

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Rural broadband has been the focus of a number of recent hearings, reports, and legislation both in Nebraska and nationally, reflecting the increasing importance of broadband to businesses, health care providers, agricultural producers, students, and residents. Today, we are kicking off a series of blogs delving into the data on broadband availability and adoption with a focus on rural areas of the state.


  • Part 1: How Has Broadband Availability in Nebraska and the U.S. Improved between 2014-2016?
  • Part 2: Broadband Availability—A Look at the Nebraska Broadband Map
  • Part 3: Broadband Availability –What Counties Have the Greatest Broadband Availability, Least Broadband Availability, and Most Improved Broadband?
  • Part 4: Broadband Availability—The Speed Gap is Widening
  • Part 5: Broadband Availability—How Does Nebraska Compare to Neighboring States?
  • Part 6: Broadband Availability—How Does Nebraska Compare to Neighboring States on Average Download and Upload Speeds?
  • Part 7: Broadband Availability and Population Density in Nebraska
  • Part 8: Broadband Availability and Per Capita Income in Nebraska
  • Part 9: Broadband Availability and Population Growth in Nebraska
  • Part 10: Broadband Availability and Percent Population Under 5 in Nebraska
  • Part 11: Growing Use of Mobile Wireless
  • Part 12: The Homework Gap
  • Part 13: Broadband in Nebraska Libraries

As new reports are published, we will add new blog posts.