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NITC Updates Statewide Technology Plan

Sheehy and Vornbrock

The Nebraska Information Technology Commission has updated Nebraska’s statewide technology plan.  An Enterprise Vision for IT in Nebraska focuses on nine strategic initiatives which promote the effective use of technology within the State of Nebraska, as well as education, economic development, local government, and health care.

Four strategic initiatives—State Government IT Strategy, Cloud Strategy, IT Security, and Nebraska Spatial Data Infrastructure (NESDI)—address the need to take an enterprise approach to IT in order to achieve the State’s IT priorities of security, availability, and consolidation. A fifth initiative, State IT Spending Analysis, establishes a process for better tracking State IT expenditures, enabling the State of Nebraska to make better decisions and spend tax dollars more wisely.

The statewide technology plan also addresses the use of technology in education, economic development, and health care. Access to technology and broadband service is becoming increasingly critical for students, businesses, and health care. Four strategic initiatives—Network Nebraska, Digital Education, Community IT Development, and eHealth—promote the effective use of technology while also highlighting the need to address the divide between those with access to technology and the skills to effectively use it and those without.