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The Governance Task Group is composed of Educational Council Members, Alternates and Liaisons. The Task Group's main responsibility is to oversee progress on NITC Action Items that deal with policy, governmental relations, or inter-group coordination. The Governance Task Group was instrumental in developing the Network Nebraska Advisory Group that provides recommendations and input to the Collaborative Aggregation Partnership and State Chief Information Officer, as they administer and manage the Network Nebraska-Education network.

The responsibilities of the Governance Task Group also include:

Monthly reports to the Education Council --It is customary for the Education Council to hear monthly reports from each of its subcommittees and task groups. The Group Co-Leader of the Governance Task Group or his/her designee or an NITC staff member may make the report.

Other responsibilities as determined by the Group or Council -- The Governance Task Group may assume additional responsibilities or tasks as needed to fulfill its duties. The Governance Task Group can also be delegated additional responsibilities or tasks by the Education Council.