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Friday, March 17, 2000, 9:00 a.m.
Room 104 of the Skutt Student Center-Creighton University
24th & Cass, Omaha, Nebraska


Keith Bartels
Public School Boards
Jeff Johnson
Centennial Public Schools
Art Tanderup
Tekamah-Herman Public Schools
Dr. William Berndt
Dr. Don King (Alternate)
Chadron State College
Keith Rohwer (Alternate)
Nebraska City Public Schools
Dr. Richard Gilliland
Metro Community College
Rich Koch (Non-voting)
Representing Dr. John Mueller
Alan Wibbels
ESU 10
Dr. Uma Gupta
Creighton University
Tom Korta
Pius X High School
Dr. Rob Ziegler (Alternate)
Madison Public Schools
Dr. Kent Hendrickson (Alternate) University of Nebraska Dennis Linster (Alternate)
Wayne State College
Dr. Jack Huck
Southeast Community College
Dr. David Myers
Lincoln Public Schools

LIAISONS PRESENT: Dr. Dean Bergman, Department of Education; Mike Beach, NET

MEMBERS AND/OR LIAISONS ABSENT: Dr. David Powers, Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education; Brenda Decker, Division of Communications
OTHERS PRESENT: Max Thacker, UMNC; Dr. Reba Benschoter, UMNC; Roger Adams, US West; Roger Hahn, NIN; Tracie Klosterman, NET; and Con Dietz, Creighton University


The meeting was called to order by Co-Chair, Jack Huck, at 9: 07 a.m. Dr. Huck stated that the meeting notice and agenda were posted to the NITC web site on February 28th. A revised agenda was posted on March 1st. Roll call was taken. There were eleven voting members and 2 non-voting members present at the time of roll call. A quorum was present


Dr. Hendrickson moved to approve the agenda as presented. Mr. Tanderup seconded the motion. Roll call vote: Bartels-Yes, Berndt-Yes, Rohwer-Yes, Gilliland-Yes, Gupta-Yes, Huck-Yes, Korta-Yes, Hendrickson-Yes, Linster-Yes, Tanderup-Yes, Wibbels-Yes. Motion carried.


Dr. Hendrickson moved to approve the minutes as presented. Dr. Gilliland seconded the motion. Roll call vote: Bartels-Yes, Berndt-Yes, Rohwer-Yes, Gilliland-Yes, Gupta-Yes, Huck-Yes, Korta-Yes, Hendrickson-Yes, Linster-Yes, Tanderup-Yes, Wibbels-Yes. Motion carried.


There was no public comment.


Operations Working Group:

Mr. Rolfes reported that the working group has been meeting regularly. The meetings have focused on telecommunications and distance learning. A technical training workshop for users of Net2 and Net3, will be held June 14-16 at the Lifelong Learning Center in Norfolk. The work group has formed a task group to update the NEB*SAT policies and procedures manual. Recommendations will be presented to the Education Council for approval at the May meeting. Another task group is gathering distance learning data and will report their findings at the April meeting.

Policy, Procedures, and Planning Subcommittee:

Dr. Huck reported that the subcommittee has not yet met.

Mr. Johnson arrived to the meeting at 9:22 a.m.

Training Advisory Working Group:

Ms. Klosterman reported that the advisory working group met via phone conference to discuss the upcoming RFP process for distance learning training mini-grants. Materials have been sent to educational institutions. Mr. Korta asked if private high schools are allowed to apply. Since public funds are being allocated, private institutions would need to partner with a public entity. Applications are due April 3rd. Ms. Klosterman distributed flyers on the Satellite Users Workshop, April 18th, 1 p.m. in Lincoln. The workshop will explain the what, why and how of your satellite dish. All satellite dish sites will receive in the mail a binder entitled, "How to Use Your Satellite Dish".

Dr. King arrived to the meeting at 9:24 a.m.


Mr. Rolfes distributed copies of LB 1217 (PDF 69k), which would appropriate monies from the State Building Fund for the replacement of Network 3 equipment. The bill was placed on select file on March 16th. Mr. Rolfes reviewed highlights of the bill with the Council. The Council may have this as an action item for the April meeting. Members would like ample time to review the bill and accompanying documentation prior to the April meeting.

Dr. Ziegler arrived to the meeting at 9:32 a.m.


Mr. Wibbels distributed a document entitled "TINA Study Update". There has been an advisory group established by the Division of Communications (DOC) that has a wide representation from the various communities of interest across the state. The purpose of the group is to be a sounding board as the TINA study continues. The next meeting is scheduled for March 29th. The consultants will meet next Thursday with the Nebraska Telephone Association and the Public Service Commission. The Division of Communications wants as much feedback as possible. Members stated it would be useful to have links to other states' plans (for example, Kentucky, North Dakota, and Tennessee) listed on the TINA web site. A section of the consultants' "Strategic Recommendations" (PDF 80k) was distributed to members. When the report is completely finished, there will be an RFP process.

Dr. Hendrickson informed the Council that there is conference sponsored by Educause, "A Gathering of State Networks: Strategies for the Next Decade", April 16-18, in St. Louis that members may be interested in attending. The University of Nebraska is sending several representatives.

Mr. Johnson asked if there was any further development regarding the Universal Service Funds since the December meeting. Mr. Winkle reported that this is still on the table and being looked at as one of the funding models in the Statewide Technology Plan.

Dr. Myers arrived to the meeting at 9:48 a.m.


Education Council Action Items:

Mr. Rolfes distributed the "Progress on Major Action Items, March 17, 2000" (PDF 70k) document, as well as copies of the statewide plan flyer. Mr. Rolfes reviewed the status of each action item. At future meetings, the council will need to discuss how to proceed with implementation of the action items.

Communication Strategy:

The Council discussed how members are currently communicating to their sectors on happenings of the Education Council. Some sectors have no state association and/or electronic means to make communication easier. Mr. Rolfes stated that the Office of the CIO/NITC would be able to assist in communication efforts if needed. Mr. Winkle and CIO/NITC staff can do informational presentations to groups. Suggestions from the council members were as follows:

  • An executive summary (with links to documents and other items of interest) sent to members would be beneficial. Information would be consistent.
  • Content should be in language people can understand. Spell out acronyms.
  • For private institutions, Dr. Gupta suggested it would be good to communicate that we are all in this together even though it is state funded.
  • NASB (Nebraska Association of School Boards) and the school administrators newsletters would be good sources to relay information. Mike Delany and Brian Hale would be good resource contact persons.


Mr. Winkle alerted the Council that budget requests are forth coming. Agency technology plans are due July 1, 2000. Efforts are underway to explore the feasibility to submit electronically. Budget requests for new or additional state dollars are due September 15th. The NITC is required to make recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature by November 15th.

Staff and technical reviews will be completed by October 10th. In order to have the NITC recommendations by November 15th, the Councils will need to have their review and recommendations completed before that date. The October and November Education Council meeting dates were changed to October 13th and November 10th. The Council will need to consider a process to prioritize projects in numerical order.

It was suggested that work be divided into work groups for review prior to the meetings. Mr. Winkle stated that the Community Technology Fund grants are currently being reviewed and rated by individuals with technical and programmatic expertise. A composite score will be utilized to determine awards. If this models works, it may be used for the biennium process. Mr. Rolfes reported that there are currently seventy-five members in Educational Technology pool. The Technical Panel would like to review vitas of the expert pool. There will be more information to come at future meetings.


Mr. Wibbels distributed a copy of Educational Technology 2010 program agenda, Education Commission of the State material, and a newspaper article from the Grand Island newspaper reporting on the Technology Fair and the Nebraska Educational Technology Snapshot Survey. The Sponsors of the conference were greatly appreciated. The Ed Tech Follow-up Groups (PDF 83k) participants list was distributed. Facilitators who had been involved in the planning of the conference have been assigned to a work group. The work groups will forward recommendations to the Education Council. Mr. Rolfes will follow through with the work groups.

Dr. Bergman extended an invitation to the Council to have a report on the Nebraska Educational Technology Snapshot Survey. Dr. Bergman will contact the consultant, Neal Topp, UNO.


President Clinton has a number of initiatives that provide incentives for the federal government to serve as a catalyst for private and public entities. Mr. Winkle stated that these are still initiatives with no funding as of yet.


Mr. Dietz invited members to attend the Enhancing Learning-1999/2000 Faculty Lecture Series presentation entitled "Using Web Resource in the Classroom" being held immediately after the Council meeting from 12 noon to 1 p.m. in the room next door to the Council meeting.

Dr. Gupta invited members to the "Taste of India" fundraiser event on March 26th at Creighton University. Proceeds will go to provide drinking water for a school in India.

Mr. Winkle reported that Steve Schafer needs recommendations from Education Council for representatives to serve on a "Security Architecture Work Group" of the Technical Panel. Mr. Wibbels will send a recommendation for an ESU representative. The panel has Rick Golden, University of Nebraska, serving on the work group but would like another higher education representative. Mr. Linster will recommend another representative from higher education.


The next meeting of the Education Council will be held on Friday, April 21, 2000, 10:00 a.m. at Energy Square, 1111 O Street, Southeast Community College-Downtown Campus in Lincoln, Nebraska.


The meeting was adjourned at 11: 50 a.m.

Minutes were taken by Lori Lopez Urdiales and reviewed by Tom Rolfes of the Office of the CIO/NITC.

Meeting Minutes