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January 11, 1999
Creighton University, Skutt Student Center
Omaha, Nebraska



Keith Bartels
Lincoln Public Schools

Jeff Johnson
Centennial Public School

Dr. William Berndt
UN Medical Center

Dennis Linster, Wayne State College
(Alternate for Dr. Halsey)

Larry Bock, Blair Community Schools
Alternate for Dr. Kristine Wolzen)

Terry Miller
ESU 13

Sarah Cunningham, Central Comm. College
(Non voting alternate for Dr. Jack Huck)

Dr. David Powers

Susan Fees
Christ the King School

Art Tanderup
Tekamah-Herman Public School

Wayne Fisher, Department of Education
(Alternate for Dr. Bergman)

Alan Wibbels
ESU 10

Dr. Richard Flynn
Peru State College

Dr. Mary Wise, Metropolitan Community College
(Alternate for Dr. Richard Gilliland)

Dr. Uma Gupta
Creighton University

Dr. Woody Ziegler
York Elementary School

Dr. Kent Hendrickson, UNL
(Alternate for Chancellor Moeser)

Rick Koch, Bellevue University
(Non-voting alternate for Dr. John Muller)


Mike Winkle, NITC Executive Director

Lori Lopez Urdiales, Office of the CIO/NITC

Tom Rolfes, Office of the CIO/NITC

Steve Schafer, Acting CIO

Jim Crosland, F&S Fibers

Dr. Reba Benschoter, UNMC

Harry Vickroy, Great Plains Communications

Con Dietz, Creighton University

Max Thacker, NET NEB*SAT

Tim Willett, US West

Tip O'Neill, AICU

Roger Hahn, Nebraska Information Network


The meeting of the Education Council of the Nebraska Information Technology Commission was called to order at approximately 9:00 a.m. by co-chair Alan Wibbels. Corrections/additions to the December 14th minutes included under "Core Service Fund for Educational Service Units" changing wording of the second sentence to read "The .5 cent levy is not included in core services". In the same section third sentence, the co-chair asked that staff reword the sentence for clarity. "The Core Service Fund Proposal is a program request rather than a technology infrastructure request." Dr. Hendrickson moved and it was seconded by Dr. Ziegler to approve the December minutes as corrected. All were in favor. Motion was carried. December minutes were approved.

After discussion about the requirements of the open meeting law and the posting of minutes, it was recommended that the minutes be posted on the web as "Proposed" or "Draft" after review by the co-chairs.


TELECOMMUNICATIONS AGGREGATION JOINT SUBCOMMITTEE: Dr. Ziegler reported that the group has not met for their first official meeting. The focus of discussion will be the statewide infrastructure planning process.

EDUCATION PROPOSAL REVIEW COMMITTEE: Mr. Rolfes reported that the committee has not been able to meet but plans to meet in mid January.

LEGISLATIVE ACTION COMMITTEE: Mr. Wibbels reported that the committee plans to meet January 25th or 26th and will report at the February meeting.

NEB*SAT TRANSITION COMMITTEE: The committee met on January 8th. The committee's proposed recommendations are covered in the following section.


Mr. O'Neill, Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, and Dr. Benschoter, UNMC, presented the recommended proposal to the council. (Proposed Model for NEB*SAT Educational Telecommunications Integration handout distributed to council members.) Mr. O'Neill gave a brief history of the NEB*SAT Coordinating Council and the effect LB924 has and will have on NEB*SAT. NEB*SAT has been in existence for ten years and the legislature has come to trust it. The new model would combine the strengths of both councils and would include nine K-12 representatives and nine postsecondary representatives. In addition, other members serving in a resource/observer capacity could be included (NET, NETC, State Division of Communications, and Nebraska Indian College representatives). This merger would mean additional responsibilities for the Education Council. Mr. Winkle emphasized that it is important for the new council to recognize that appropriations involves more than new satellites - it involves the state's investment in a comprehensive system plan that is cost effective involving many technologies. (Membership List of the Coordinating Council for Educational Telecommunications was distributed.)

Mr. Bock moved and it was seconded by Mr. Tanderup to approve the proposed model as presented and that the co-chairs of the Education Council and the NEB*SAT Coordinating Council Executive Committee meet to work out the details. There was no discussion. All were in favor. Motion carried.


The recommended follow-up meeting between BNI (Broadband Networks Incorporated) and Tektronix representatives was held on January 6th. Mr. Wibbels handed out a summary of that meeting. Scheduling and remote device control were two key issues discussed. Mr. Wibbels thanked Harry Vickroy, Great Plains Communications, for his participation in the meeting. It was suggested and agreed to include classroom integrators at a follow-up meeting. Mr. Vickroy will give Mr. Winkle the names of these providers so that staff can organize the next meeting. Plans are to have a test scenario in place sometime this year.

It was requested by the council to have a report from Max Thacker at the next meeting that would provide information on hours of usage and what is being planned for those outside the usage limit. Mr. Thacker agreed to provide this information.


Mr. Rolfes distributed documents containing compiled information provided by the council members at the December meeting. Suggestions, additions, corrections and input was solicited.

INFORMATION CLEARING HOUSE/WEB REVIEW: There were no changes made to the document.

EDUCATION COUNCIL CHARTER: Mr. Rolfes distributed a draft charter for the Education Council. With the merger of the Education Council and the NEB*SAT Coordinating Council, it was by group consensus that the work previously done on the Education Council Charter would need to be revised. Mr. Bock moved and it was seconded by Mr. Tanderup to select one representative from each of the sectors (one K-12 and one postsecondary) to work with the co-chairs of the Education Council and the Executive Committee of the NEB*SAT Coordinating Council to work out the details of the new charter. There was no discussion. All were in favor. Motion carried. Members were asked to review the draft document and submit suggestions for the new committee to Mr. Rolfes by the end of the month.

In addition to the change in posting the meeting minutes within 10 days, beginning with the February meeting, action items will be conducted by a roll call vote.

STRATEGIC PLANNING: There was no discussion on or additions made to the document.


Mr. Rolfes provided a list of 25 confirmed nominees and 50 nominated persons. Confirmed nominees are those individuals who were sent the skills/expertise questionnaire, completed and returned questionnaire to the NITC/CIO office and have confirmed in writing that they would like to assist. The fifty nominated have yet to be sent a mailing. By the February meeting, Mr. Rolfes hopes to have a final list. Mr. Fisher suggested that these persons are clearly aware that they will be providing technical expertise only and that the Education Council gives the final approval on proposals.


Mr. Rolfes distributed a copy of the proposed Telecommunications Survey form to be sent to Class I schools. This would be an opportunity to work with the Department of Education in determining the effectiveness of Rule 88 (how many smaller schools are connected, numbers of students, etc.) It was recommended to have schools include their phone number. Dr. Ziegler asked if the council should include parochial and non-public schools for a total statewide effort. It was agreed to do so by group consensus. Mr. Miller moved and it was seconded by Ms. Fees to conduct the Telecommunications Survey. There was no discussion. All were in favor. Motion carried.


SKJEI REPORT: Mr. Winkle commented that some of the recommendations were to continue to expand to two C-band transponders, develop terrestrial systems and construct a statewide backbone. An RFP will be developed that will impact broader statewide issues and will be more open-ended.

MEMBERSHIP LISTS: Mr. Rolfes distributed a new membership list as well as the list of alternates to the members. There is some demographic information needed on the alternate list. Members were asked to get this information to him as soon as possible.


The next meeting will be held February 15, 1999 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Creighton University in Omaha. Meeting was adjourned by co-chair, Alan Wibbels at 12:00 p.m.

Minutes taken by Lori Lopez Urdiales, Administrative Assistant, and Tom Rolfes, Education Information Technology Manager, Office of the Chief Information Officer/NITC.

Meeting Minutes