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April 21, 2021 Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 9:00AM CT
This is a virtual meeting of the NITC Education Council conducted pursuant to Neb. Exec. Order No. 21-02 ( No quorum of the body will be physically present together, and there will be no public in-person attendance. Members of the public may e-mail if interested in joining the meeting. The Zoom link will be provided by request only.

Open Meetings Act (PDF - 11 pgs, 234KB)

Meeting Documents (PDF)


1. Call to Order, Electronic Posting, Location of Open Meeting Law Documents, Roll Call, Introductions



2. Consider approval of the Agenda for the April 21, 2021 meeting*



3. Consider approval of the Minutes from the 12/16/2020 meeting*



4. Public Comment



5. NITC March 11 Meeting Update

T. Rolfes


6. Legislative Update

A. LB 83--Change public meeting provisions and provide for virtual conferencing

B. LB 338--Change provisions and funding regarding broadband infrastructure

C. LB 388--Adopt the Nebraska Broadband Bridge Act

T. Rolfes


7. ESSER and federal funding update

T. Rolfes


8. Cybersecurity Initiatives

A. University of Nebraska (Rick Haugerud)

B. Cybersecurity Education Program (Patrick Wright)


10:45  Am

9. Subsector Reports--Infrastructure and/or application adjustments in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

A. University of Nebraska

B. Nebraska State Colleges

C. Nebraska Community Colleges

D. Nebraska Independent Colleges and Universities

E. Public K-12 and ESUs

F. Private/Denominational K-12

G. Nebraska Educational Television

H. Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education

I. Nebraska Department of Education


11:15   Am

10. Other Business/Announcements

A. Special Construction Matching Fund (NUSF-117) Program Update

B. Rural Broadband Task Force Meeting on 5/17/2021

T. Rolfes

11:15 Am

11. Agenda Items for the 6/16/2021 Meeting


11:20 Am

12. Consider location(s) for the 6/16/2021 Meeting


11:25 Am

13. Adjournment


* Indicates an expected action item.

The Council will attempt to adhere to the sequence of the published agenda, but reserves the right to adjust the order of items if necessary and may elect to take action on any of the items listed.

The NITC Education Council wishes to thank staff of the OCIO for helping to arrange the April 21, 2021 meeting.

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Meeting Notice Posted to the Nebraska Public Meeting Calendar 04/16/2021
Agenda Posted to the NITC Web site 04/15/2021