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Nebraska Information Technology Commission

Tuesday, May 20th, 2003, 1:30 p.m.

Videoconference Sites:

Lincoln: Executive Building, Suite 103, 521 So. 14th Street

Chadron: Chadron State College Student Center-Scottsbluff Room, 10th and Main

Omaha: UNMC Biomedical Communications-Room 4203, 985170 Nebraska Medical Center

Norfolk: NECC MaClay Bldg, Room 122, 801 East Benjamin Avenue



Chadron Site: Mary Wernke, Letter Perfect Communications, and, Georgia Masters Keightley, City of Crawford

Kearney Site: Jeanne Saathoff, Kearney Public Library

Lincoln Site: Tim Armstrong, Great Plains Communications; John Dale, Lincoln City Libraries; Norene Fitzgerald, York County Development Corporation; Roger Keetle, Nebraska Hospital Association; Pat Langan, Nebraska Department of Economic Development; Bob Sweeney, AIM Institute; and Jerry Vap, Public Service Commission

Norfolk Site: K.C. Belitz, Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce, and, Michael Nolan, City of Norfolk

Omaha Site: Max Thacker, UNMC


Chris Anderson, City of Central City; Len Benson, Faith Regional Health System; Donna Hammack, St. Elizabeth Foundation; Lance Hedquist, City of South Sioux City; Harold Krueger, Chadron Community Hospital, of Economic Development; Craig Schroeder, Rural Development Commission; Ted Smith, Norfolk Public Library; Bruce Thiel, Bryan-LGH East


Ms. Saathoff called to order to order at 1:35 p.m. There were eleven members present at the time of roll call. A quorum existed to conduct official business. It was stated that the meeting announcement posted on the NITC and the Nebraska Public Meeting Web sites on April 11, 2003 and that the meeting agenda was posted on the NITC Web site and the Nebraska Public Meeting Web site on May 13, 2003.

Ms. Byers welcomed Linda Aerni, Commissioner for the Nebraska Information Technology Commission, to the Community Council meeting. Ms. Aerni was in attendance at the Norfolk site.


Mr. Vap moved to approve the March 17, 2002 minutes as presented. Mr. Keetle seconded the motion. Roll call vote: Armstrong-Yes, Belitz-Yes, Dale–Abstained, Keetle-Yes, Langan-Yes, Masters Keightley-Yes, Nolan-Yes, Saathoff-Yes, Thacker-Yes, Vap-Yes, and Wernke-Yes. Motion was carried by majority vote.


There was no public comment.


Statewide Technology Plan
Anne Byers, Community Information Technology Manager

Ms. Byers reminded the council members that by statute the Statewide Technology Plan must be updated annually. Each of the councils are responsible for updating their action items. Members were asked to provide input and feedback to Ms. Byers within the next couple of weeks. At the June 10th meeting, the NITC will review and approve the plan.

Sid McCartney, Division of Communications

The Division of Communications along with the collaboration of the University of Nebraska and the CAP work group issued an RFP for Phase I. The RFP’s are currently being evaluated and scored. The Intent to Award is scheduled for June 11th with announcement to be made by June 16th and implementation to occur prior to October 1st due to contracts being up. The announcement will be posted to the State Purchasing Web site. Mr. McCartney entertained questions from the members.

Telehealth Network
Roger Keetle, Nebraska Hospital Association

The Public Service Commission has requested a plan for the development of a telehealth network be submitted by June 1, 2003. The Public Service Commission has committed $900,000/year for telecommunication costs (not hardware) for telehealth. Mr. Vap stated that the Public Service Commission is pleased to support this effort and feels that this is a good expenditure of the funds. Mr. Keetle was commended for his effort with this project and Public Service Commission was thanked for their support.

Mr. Keetle had to leave the meeting early due to a prior commitment.

Technologies Across Nebraska Survey Result (PDF 117k)
Anne Byers, Community Information Technology Manager

Surveys were sent to 25 applicants for the Community IT Planning and Mini Grant program. Sixteen surveys were returned, yielding a response rate of 64%. The survey results should not be interpreted as representative of all communities in Nebraska. However, the survey results do provide a good indication of the IT-related training needs of the communities most likely to participate in programming offered by Technologies Across Nebraska. Ms. Byers highlighted some of the results. Recommendations included the following:

  1. Publish a bi-monthly e-mail newsletter on technology-related development.
  2. Continue to maintain and update the TAN and Community IT Toolkit Web sites.
  3. Add funding information to the Community IT Toolkit Web site.
  4. Work with TAN partners to develop and deliver regional workshops on IT-related economic development.
  5. Continue the IT Planning and Mini Grant

Anne Byers, Community Information Technology Manager

Ms. Byers reviewed the progress report and entertained comments and questions from the council members. Mr. Keetle thanked the NITC for their assistance with the telehealth efforts.

Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Belitz left the meeting at 2:34 p.m.

Anne Byers, Community Information Technology Manager

Ms. Fitzgerald arrived to the meeting at 2:22 p.m. York was a recipient of one of the IT Planning Mini Grants. Matt Heller was introduced as student intern working on the York project. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s JD Edwards Program is paying for 70% of the intern costs.

It was recommended to change the order of the priorities CC1 would become CC3, CC2 would become CC1, and CC3 would become CC2.

Mr. Thacker moved to adopt the 2003 Proposed Action Items with the recommended order change of priorities. Mr. Vap seconded the motion. Roll call vote: Wernke-Yes, Vap-Yes, Sweeney-Yes, Thacker-Yes, Saathoff-Yes, Masters Keightley-Yes, Langan-Yes, Fitzgerald-Yes, and Dale-Yes. The motion was carried by unanimous vote.

Some discussion followed on need for Nebraska to promote tourism opportunities online.

Ms. Byers announced that the selection committee for the 2003-2004 Information Technology Planning and Mini Grants Program is being organized. She asked that if there were any council members who were interested on serving, to let her know as soon as possible.


The next meeting of the NITC Community Council will be held in the early fall. Ms. Byers will contact members as to their availability.

Ms. Fitzgerald moved to adjourn. Mr. Vap seconded the motion. All were in favor. Motion was carried by voice vote.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:53 p.m.

Meeting minutes were taken by Lori Lopez Urdiales and reviewed by Anne Byers of the Office of the CIO/NITC.

Meeting Minutes