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of the
Nebraska Information Technology Commission

December 6, 1999

1:00 Tour (optional)
1:30-4:30 Meeting

University of Nebraska Technology Park
4701 Innovation Drive

or by phone


1:00 Tour of University of Nebraska Technology Park (optional)
1:30 Roll Call/Introductions
Notice of Posting of Agenda
Approval of Minutes
Public Comment
1:40 Update on NITC meeting and Statewide Technology Plan

1:50 Opportunities to work with Education Council
  • Ed Tech 2010
  • Operations Committee--Interlocal Agreements
2:00 Membership
2:05 Community Technology Fund
  • Guidelines
  • Review Committee
  • Publicity
2:30 Action Plans
  • Public Access Study
  • Telehealth Feasibility Study
  • Regulatory/Legislative Issues
  • Supporting Community Information Technology Committees
  • NIDCAC Local Government Needs
  • TINA Study
4:25 Future meeting dates/times/locations
4:30 Adjourn

Meeting announcement posted on NITC Web site October 1999 and on the Nebraska Public Meeting Web site on Oct. 26, 1999.

Agenda posted on NITC Web site November 30, 1999.

Meeting Agenda