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of the
Nebraska Information Technology Commission
University of Nebraska-East Campus Union
37th & Fairfield
Lincoln, Nebraska
July 29, 1999    1:30-4:30


1:30 Roll Call/Introductions
Notice of Posting of Agenda
Approval of  Minutes
Public Comment
1:40 NITC Update
1:45 Discussion of Community Council Membership
2:15 Overview of NIDCAC and Local Government Technology Needs Assessment
2:30 Development of Action Plan based on Council Priorities and Barriers, Opportunities, and Resources
3:00 Break
3:15 Continuation of Action Plan Development
3:55 Community Technology Fund
  • Report on Present Projects
  • Discussion of Next Round
4:25 Scheduling of Location/Date/Time of Next Meeting
4:30 Adjournment
Meeting Agenda