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Agency IT Project Proposals for 2013-2015 Biennium

All publications and reports are presented in PDF format.

NITC Report: Recommendations on Technology Investments for the 2013-2015 Biennium - November 15, 2012

Project Proposals - Full Text Agency Project Title
09-01 Secretary of State Rules & Regulations Filing & Approval Application
09-02 Secretary of State Collections / Licensing Filing Application
09-03 Secretary of State State Records Center Web Application
18-01 Department of Agriculture Paperless Inspections
Department of Insurance Nebraska Exchange
23-01 Department of Labor Electronic Content Management for UI Programs
23-02 Department of Labor State Information Data Exchange System
25-01 DHHS ACA IT Implementation
25-02 DHHS ICD-10
25-03 DHHS SMHP (State Medicaid Hit Plan)
25-04 DHHS MMIS Replacement Study
25-05 DHHS MMIS Replacement
25-06 DHHS Medicaid Managed Care Expansion
25-07 DHHS Behavioral Health Data System
47-01* NETC KXNE Tower Lighting System
47-02 NETC Radio Transmission Replacement
47-03 NETC Enterprise Uninterrupted Power Supply
47-04 NETC Media Services Technology Project
47-05 NETC NETC Facility Technical Corridor Redesign
47-06 NETC Facility Routing Project
78-01 Crime Commission Criminal Justice Information System
ESUCC-01** ESUCC Nebraska's BlendEd eLearning System
(Summary Sheet)

* No review. Outside the scope of review requirements.
**A voluntary review requested by the submitting entity. Not submitted as an agency budget request.