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Agency IT Project Proposals for 2007-2009 Biennium

All publications and reports are presented in PDF format.

NITC Report: Recommendations on Technology Investments for the FY2007-2009 Biennium - November 15, 2006 (PDF 2MB)

Project Proposals - Full Text Summary Sheets Agency (Agency Information Technology Plans) Project Title
05-01 05-01 Supreme Court E-Filing in JUSTICE
05-02 05-02 Supreme Court Digital Audio Recorders
13-01 13-01 Department of Education Nebraska Transcript Project
25-01 25-01 Health and Human Services System New Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS)
25-02 25-02 Health and Human Services System Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
27-01 27-01 Department of Roads Expansion of Falcon DMS to Agencywide Use
27-02 Department of Roads [Project Not Submitted]
27-03 27-03 Department of Roads Highway Condition Reporting System (HCRS) Enhancement
37-01 37-01 Workers' Compensation Court WCC Internet Enhancement and Security
37-02 37-02 Workers' Compensation Court Court Re-engineering - Adjudication
37-03 37-03 Workers' Compensation Court Court Re-engineering - Vocational Rehabilitation
47-01 47-01 NET Satellite Reconfiguration Project
47-02 47-02 NET Public Media Archive and Distribution Project
47-03 47-03 NET Public Media at the Capitol
47-04 47-04 NET Final DTV Transmitter Conversion Project
50-01 50-01 State College System Student Information Administrative System
51-01 51-01 University of Nebraska Student Information System
85-01 85-01 Retirement Migration of PIONEER to the jClarity Platform