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NITC Meeting Agenda

July 23, 2015 at 10:00am

The Leadership Center
2211 Q Street
Aurora, Nebraska

(Directions | Map)

Meeting Documents


  1. Roll Call, Notice of Meeting & Open Meetings Act Information

  2. Approval of Minutes - May 21, 2015*

  3. Public Comment

  4. Introduction: New State Chief Information Officer



  1. Strategic Initiatives Update

  2. •  Network Nebraska

    •  Community IT Development

    •  eHealth

    •  Digital Education

    •  State Government IT Strategy

    •  Nebraska Spatial Data Infrastructure (NESDI)

    •  IT Security

    •  Cloud Strategy

    •  State IT Spending Analysis

Anne Byers


    Reports from the Councils and Technical Panel

  1. State Government Council (Ed Toner)

    1. IT Procurement Reviews

    2. Agency IT Plans

  2. Community Council (Anne Byers)

    1. Community Broadband Planning Workbook and Awards

  3. eHealth Council (Anne Byers)

  4. Education Council (Tom Rolfes)

    1. Membership*

    2. Network Nebraska Update

  5. GIS Council (Nathan Watermeier)

    1. Membership Update

    2. NESDI Update

  6. Technical Panel (Walter Weir)

    1. Membership Update

    2. Enterprise Projects - Status Report



  1. Informational Updates

    1. Audit

    2. Next NITC Meeting Preview

Ed Toner


  1. Adjournment


* Action item

The Nebraska Information Technology Commission will attempt to adhere to the sequence of the published agenda, but reserves the right to adjust the order of items if necessary and may elect to take action on any of the items listed.

Meeting notice was posted to the NITC website and the Nebraska Public Meeting Calendar on June 25, 2015. The agenda was posted to the NITC website on July 17, 2015.

Nebraska Open Meetings Act