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Nebraska Digital Opportunities Plan

                                         Tips for Effective Feedback Comments

  1. Support your feedback comment with substantive data, facts, and opinions. When possible, provide your lived experience in your comment.
  2. Clearly identify the section(s) and within the Draft Nebraska Digital Opportunities Plan that you are commenting on and include the section number. Although feedback comments should be clear and concise, there is no minimum or maximum length for an effective feedback comment.
  3. If you disagree with an aspect of the Draft Nebraska Digital Opportunities Plan, suggest an alternative and include an explanation and/or analysis of how the alternative might meet the same objective or be more effective.
  4. Include pros and cons and trade-offs in your comment. Consider other points of view and respond to them with your views. Include examples of how the proposed programs and activities would impact your life and work positively or negatively.

Comment Submission

Comments and Feedback on the Draft Nebraska Digital Opportunities plan will be posted on the Nebraska Information Technology Website. E-mail addresses, phone numbers and addresses will not be posted unless this information is included in the text of the submitted comments. Comment submitted on the Draft Nebraska Digital Opportunities Plan are a matter of public record and may be subject to public records requests.

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* Relevant Sections of the Plan:

Check any box that has a section topic you want provide feedback for.
Must check one box, not limited to one.
Leave feedback below in the Feedback on the Nebraska Digital Opportunities Plan box. Thank you.

Introduction & Vision for Digital Equity (sections 1 & 2)

Current State of Digital Equity:Barriers & Assets (section 3)

Collaboration & Stakeholder Engagement (section 4)

Implementation (section 5)

Conclusion (section 6)

Appendices (section 7): (optional)



For more information, contact:

Anne Byers
Digital Opportunities Manager
Nebraska Information Technology Commission/Office of the CIO
 402 471-3805

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