Network Nebraska Meeting Notes

Thursday, March 28, 2013 - 1-3PM CT (Video Conference)

Please contact John Stritt, or 308-865-5664 x281

to arrange your IVC site.


Agenda Items:

1.   Welcome - Roll Call and Introductions and Agenda Additions (visitors)


K12 Attendance:

ESU 01 (Wakefield): Bob Uhing

ESU 02 (Fremont): Mike Danahy

ESU 10 (Kearney): John Stritt

ESU 16 (North Platte): Scott Jones

ESU 18 (Lincoln): Kirk Langer

Not present: Betty Getzfred, Rob Hanger, rural administrator


Higher Ed Attendance:

U of N: Debbie Schroeder (Kearney)

State Colleges: John Dunning (Wayne)

Community Colleges: Lyle Neal (Milford)

Independent Colleges: Jason Degn (Omaha)

Independent Colleges: Mike Carpenter (Lincoln)

Not present: Gene Beardslee, Michael Ruhrdanz, Tom Peters


CAP/staff Liaisons present:

Leona Roach, Brad Weakly, Tom Rolfes, SuAnn Witt (Lincoln-Varner)


Guests present:

Caroline Winchester, Chadron Public Schools



John Stritt had members at each of the sites introduce themselves. Roll call found 10 members present at 8 sites.


2. January 31 Meeting Notes



John Stritt reviewed the meeting notes from 1/31/2013.


3. K12 rural administration representative update (John Stritt)

Ms. Caroline Winchester, superintendent at Chadron Public Schools, introduced herself. She has been a superintendent for 17 years, beginning at Wolbach Public Schools. Caroline has been working with a Panhandle group to explore the possibility of conducting legislative hearings over videoconferencing. Senator Shields has drafted a letter to the legislative executive committee to that effect, and to request three IVC hearings, but none of those were extended. 


      Bob Uhing moved, and Scott Jones seconded, to approve Caroline Winchester as the NNAG member to represent rural K-12 administrators. Vote 10-0, motion passes.


4. Reports impacting NNAG discussion

• Network Nebraska Summer Plans (Rick Golden)

•    Rick Golden was not present to give his report.


• Backbone update (Brad Weakly)

•    Brad updated the group about the backbone. The statewide backbone will be increased to 2Gbps on 4 links that allows a total of 6Gbps throughput over the backbone to Omaha. More bandwidth balancing will be needed in 2013-14. UNCSN has already started preliminary design work with ESU 9 schools. Edge device replacement is also needed in several places. Hastings to G.I. design and construction may be finished by June.

• Intrusion Prevention Services (Brad Weakly)

•    Brad and Ben Mientka have been doing some testing on IDS-IPS equipment to be used on Network Nebraska, if requested by the education entities.

• Caching Server Options (Brad Weakly)

•    Brad also provided an update on caching servers such as Akamai and Apple to help make more efficient use of the bandwidth on the network. Kirk Langer asked about the placement of caching servers. Brad responded that the placement of a caching server at Nebraska Hall could overrun the transport links if additional traffic shaping and policing is not incorporated. Caching servers placed locally may be the best scenario.


• Internet 2 (Mike Ruhrdanz)

•    Michael Ruhrdanz was not present for the meeting.


• 2013-14 NN Backbone Projected Costs (Tom Rolfes)

• History and projected bandwidth(Tom Rolfes)

•         [PSC presentation 3/26/2013]

•         2010-15 Internet Projections for K-12

•    Tom Rolfes provided an overview of the 2013-14 Network Nebraska backbone and projected costs for K-12 and higher education. He also informed the NNAG members that his Public Service Commission presentation of 3/26/2013 was linked to the agenda. The presentation, update of Network Nebraska and LB 1208, was well received. John Stritt asked what next steps could be taken to inform the PSC about the infrastructure needs of K-12 and libraries. Tom responded with two options: 1) SuAnn Witt has just been approved as the K-12 representative on the NUSF Advisory Board with the PSC; and 2) the Network Nebraska infrastructure report will be shared with the PSC in early May. It will list every school district and college campus and their transport capacity. Tom also shared the Internet projection chart that showed 2014-15 K-12 Internet as possibly exceeding 10Gbps, if trends continue in a linear fashion. John Dunning, Wayne State, suggested that when the 802.11ac standards are approved for long-range wireless, that Internet demand may grow even faster.

• Legislative updates - (Tom Rolfes)

•  Ed Tech related Legislation 

•  Hearing notes from LBs 495, 496, 497, 511, 566 on 3/19/2013

•  Tom provided a brief overview of the recent education technology bills before the legislature.


• Membership updates for 7/1/2013 - (Tom Rolfes)

•  Adding Dorchester, Falls City, Johnson County Central, Milford, Waverly Public Schools, and Union College

•  New provider and network routing for ESU 4, 6, 9, 15, 16 schools

•  Tom provided a quick update on the 6 new members joining Network Nebraska on 7/1/2013.


5. Final Reading and action on Memorandum of Agreement

·               Marked up copy

·               Final draft copy

·               After brief discussion, John Dunning moved, and Mike Danahy seconded, to recommend approval of the MoA to the Network Nebraska executive sponsors for implementation prior to 7/1/2013. Vote 11-0. Motion passes.


6. NNAG Committees Review

•Committee membership guidelines

•At least one NNAG member from K12 and Post-secondary

•A liaison member tied to the committee topic

•Other interested member(s) from K-20 community.


John Stritt went through each NNAG committee and asked for volunteers to serve on each subcommittee. The revised roster of subcommittee members are as follows:

•Projected NNAG Subcommittees (*Chair of subcommittee):

• Governance (Co-Chairs Deb Schroeder & John Stritt)

• Budget-Scott Jones, Jason Degn, John Stritt, Tom Peters, Ron Cone, Tom Rolfes (data gatherer)

• Memorandum of Agreement

• Membership of NNAG

• Collaborating with outside groups (e.g. PSC, legislature)-SuAnn Witt

• Emerging (Disruptive) Technologies (John Dunning & Mike Danahy)

• IPv6

• Firewalls

• Identity Management

• Classroom flipping, BYOD

• Big Data Transport

•  NN Application Services (Bob Uhing & Mike Carpenter & Kirk Langer)

• Internet2-Mike Ruhrdanz

• Traffic Shaping

• Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

• Content Caching

• Shared Services

•  BlendEd

•                Legislative Update

•                LMS/CMS

•                Single Sign-on

• Marketing (SuAnn Witt)

• NN Web site-John Stritt, Tom Rolfes

• Survey-Lyle Neal, Caroline Winchester

• Participation Profile-Mike Danahy, SuAnn Witt


7. Committee Updates:

•     Governance (Review of 2012-13 Participation Fee Budget - Tom Rolfes)

Tom and Leona Roach provided a brief overview of the structure of the NN Participation Fee Budget and things to look forward to for 2013-14.

•     Emerging Technologies-No update

•     NN Application Services-No update

•     BlendEd-No update

•     Marketing-No update


8. Other committee Reports:

•     Community College (Tom Peters and Lyle Neal)-SCC is adopting digital videoconferencing gear to replace their analog equipment.

•     State College (Gene Beardslee and John Dunning)-State colleges are looking at closing the northern loop of the state backbone for state college connectivity.

•     Private College (Jason Degn and Mike Carpenter)-Midland U has a new director of I.T., Shane Perrien. Jason and Mike are going to reach out to Shane and welcome him to the independent college CIOs.

•     ESUCC (Bob Uhing)-The ESUCC has decided to purchase Safari Montage as the learning object repository (LOR), and the plan is to have it in place by September 2013. 24/7 access is $50/building. LMS Angel is migrating toward Blackboard; with support for Blackboard, Angel, Moodle, Sakai.

•     DEC (Scott Jones)-The Distance education Council has been discussing BlendEd, movement to more mobile devices, distance learning summer boot camp on July 29, NETA Playground demonstrations will be held at NETA on April 25-26.

•     Bridge use in Nebraska-More discussion has been held with using bridges to conduct recurring videoconferences without using Renovo.

•     NOC (Mike Danahy)-Primary discussions have been held about implementing LDAP directory services over Network Nebraska.  


9.  Other

·         E-rate update-Tom recapped the successful E-rate filings on March 13-15, 2013.

·         6 new members-Tom mentioned the 6 new members that will be joining the Network on 7/1/2013.

·         Grand Island Public Library-John Stritt will contact Steve Fosselman about the monthly Network Nebraska fees starting 7/1/2013.


10. Next meeting – May ??   John Stritt will send out a Doodle poll to query members for the best date and time in mid-May.


Meeting notes were recorded by Tom Rolfes, Office of the CIO/NITC, and reviewed by Debbie Schroeder and John Stritt.