of the

Thursday, March 10, 2011; 1:30PM CT

Technology Park Auditorium, 4701 Innovation Drive, Lincoln



Dr. Michael Chipps, Mid-Plains Community College

Mr. Ron Cone, ESU 10

Mr. Stephen Hamersky, Omaha Gross High School

Mr. Ed Hoffman, Nebraska State College System

Ms. Yvette Holly, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Mr. Jeff Johnson, Centennial Public Schools

Mr. Ken Clipperton, Alt. for Chuck Lenosky, Creighton University  

Mr. Jeff Stanley, Conestoga Public Schools

Dr. Bob Uhing, ESU 1


LIAISONS/ALTERNATE MEMBERS PRESENT: Mr. Gary Targoff, NET; Ms. SuAnn Witt, Alt. for Mike Kozak, NDE; Ms. Kathleen Fimple, Alt. for Marshall Hill, Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education; Ms. Lois Dietsch, Seward Public Schools; and John Stritt, ESU 10


MEMBERS/LIAISONS ABSENT:  Mr. Arnold Bateman, University of Nebraska; Mr. Clark Chandler, Nebraska Wesleyan; Ms. Brenda Decker, DAS-CIO; Dr. Terry Haack, Bennington Public Schools; Mr. Leonard Hartman, Alliance Public Schools; Mr. John Dunning, Wayne State College; Mr. Craig Pease, Ashland-Greenwood Public Schools; and Mr. Randy Schmailzl, Metropolitan Community College




Co-Chair, Dr. Chipps, called the meeting to order at 1:44.  There were 8 members present at the time of roll call.  A quorum existed to conduct official business. The meeting notice was posted to the Nebraska Public Meeting Calendar on February 24, 2011.  The meeting agenda was posted to the NITC Web site March 7, 2011. A copy of the Nebraska Open Meetings Laws was at the head table.




Dr. Uhing moved to approve the March 10, 2010 agenda as presented. Mr. Hoffman seconded.  Roll call vote: Chipps-Yes, Hamersky-Yes, Hoffman-Yes, Holly-Yes, Johnson-Yes, Clipperton-Yes, Stanley-Yes, and Uhing-Yes.  Results:  Yes-8, No-0, Abstained-0.  Motion carried.




Mr. Johnson moved to approve the January 14, 2011 minutes as presented.  Mr. Hamersky seconded.  Roll call vote: Uhing-Yes, Stanley-Yes, Clipperton-Yes, Johnson-Yes, Holly-Yes, Hoffman-Yes, Hamersky-Yes, and Chipps-Yes.  Results:  Yes-8, No-0, Abstained-0.  Motion carried.




There was no public comment.


Mr. Cone and Mr. Stritt arrived at the meeting at 1:58pm.







In the January State of State address, Governor Heineman proposed the formation of a virtual school for Nebraska to be implemented by Fall 2011.  The Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) has been designated to spearhead this initiative.  NDE has been holding meetings with stakeholders.  At the initial January 27 meeting, it was decided to form a task force to discuss the development of a virtual school and to develop a white paper.  The draft white paper will be presented at 1:30 p.m. tomorrow at the meeting of the Task Force to be held at the NET Board Room.


Some of the issues, concerns and questions from Council members included the following:

·         The creation of a new entity rather than expand on what is currently in existence. 

·         Possible tuition costs to schools 

·         Possible effects on dual enrollment

·         Determining the unmet curriculum and course needs, how those needs are to be identified and by whom

·         Race-to-the-Top grant 


The states of Alabama and Florida, as well as the City of Las Vegas, have virtual schools.  Mr. Targoff stated that it is his impression that the Task Force does not want to reinvent the wheel.  Mr. Rolfes indicated it is too early to tell how much, or if, the NITC or the NITC Education Council will be involved. Virtual school development will affect the Education Council goals and action items.


It was suggested to invite Mike Kozak from NDE to the next meeting to provide a more detailed update of Virtual School. 




The following bills passed on final reading:

·         LB 331, Change provisions relating to an educational telecommunications network, Introduced by the Education Committee to amend N.R.S. 79-1316(1), Hearing Date: Monday January 24, 2011; Location: Room 1525; Time: 1:30 PM, [Passed on final reading 46-0-3 on March 4, 2011]

·         LB 333, Change allocation provisions relating to the Education Innovation Fund Introduced by the Education Committee to amend N.R.S. 9-812 (4c, 4d, 4e) Hearing Date: Monday January 24, 2011; Location: Room 1525; Time: 1:30 PM, [Amended by AM 261, AM 367, AM 497; Passed on final reading 44-0-5 on March 9, 2011]


The following bill is scheduled for Hearing:

·         LB 58, Provide for a study of dual-enrollment courses and career academies, Introduced by Senator Adams to amend N.R.S. 85-1412(16), Hearing Date: Tuesday March 15, 2011; Location: Room 1525; Time: 1:30 PM


The following bills are still in the Education Committee:

·         LB 123, Provide for disciplinary actions and policies relating to cyber-bullying, Introduced by Senator Heidemann to amend N.R.S. 79-2,137(2)Hearing Date: Tuesday January 18, 2011; Location: Room 1525; Time: 1:30 PM

·         LB 381, Change provisions relating to educational service units, Introduced by Speaker Flood, on behalf of the Governor, to amend N.R.S. 79-1202 (Section 7), Hearing Date: Monday February 7, 2011; Location: Room 1524; Time: 1:30 PM

·         LB 446, Change duties and funding provisions relating to educational service units Introduced by Senator Adams to amend N.R.S. 79-1217(7), 79-1243.01(2i), 79-1243.01(8) Hearing Date: Monday February 14, 2011; Location: Room 1525; Time: 1:30 PM

·         LB 403, Change allocation of the Excellence in Teaching Cash Fund Introduced by Senator Council to amend N.R.S. 9-812 (4h), Hearing Date: Monday February 14, 2011; Location: Room 1525; Time: 1:30 PM


The following bill is still in the Government Committee:

·         LB 444, Provide methods for notice under the Open Meetings Act, Introduced by Senator Avery to amend N.R.S. 84-1411(1), Hearing Date: Wednesday January 26, 2011; Location: Room 1507; Time: 1:30 PM,


The following bill is still in the Appropriations Committee:

·         LB 378, Provide for fund transfers and change provisions relating to various funds, Introduced by Speaker Flood, on behalf of the Governor, Hearing Date: Monday February 7, 2011; Location: Room 1524; Time: 1:30 PM, [Still in Appropriations Committee]


The following bill is indefinitely postponed:

·         LB 150, Provide for posting of notices for public meetings, Introduced by Senator Lathrop to amend N.R.S. 84-1411(1), Hearing Date: Wednesday January 26, 2011; Location: Room 1507; Time: 1:30 PM



(February 2, 2011 Meeting Notes and March 1, 2011 Meeting Notes)


Since the last Education Council meeting, the NNAG has created the following subcommittees:

·         2011-12 Network Nebraska Budget. Deb Schroeder will chair this group.  Discussions have been occurring and will continue.

·         SNDLC Pilot Project.  John Stritt will chair this group.  Mr. Stritt and Rick Golden have been in communications with SNDLC regarding the possibility of conducting a pilot project.  Mr. Rolfes reported that the CIO has sent the SNDLC school districts and ESUs an invitation to participate in Network Nebraska.  Grand Island Public Library has expressed interest in participating in Network Nebraska.

·         IPv6.  John Dunning will chair this group.  The group is determining what needs to be done to prepare for IPv6 conversion as a statewide group and as end users.

·         Web Review. Charles Osteen will chair this group.  The group is doing research on other statewide networks.

·         Membership of Network Nebraska.  Mr. Stritt has requested that a Network Nebraska membership profile template be created that would describes the guidelines for membership with detailed expectations for bandwidth, costs, etc.    


The next Network Nebraska Advisory Group meeting will be held in April.

Network Planning for 2011-12.  At the CAP meeting held this Thursday, Ms. Schroeder provided an update on the budget.  For 2011-12, a total of $298,417.20 will be expended for the statewide backbone.  E-rate will be filed by March 24, the nationwide deadline.  It is projected that approximately $191,000 will be received back from E-rate discounts which will lower the net cost of the backbone to K-12 entities.  The final membership numbers are not in and the Participation Fee budget has not been developed for 2011-12.  All current partners are returning for another year of Network Nebraska services.  Other entities that have expressed interest are:

·         Hastings College

·         Doane College

·         Metro Community College

Monday, March 21 is the deadline for entities to declare interest in Network Nebraska membership and return their Letters of Agency.  The current fees are expected to stay pretty much the same unless a sudden influx of new members happens.  By the end of 2011, providers will be bidding for over 120 WAN circuits and the entire backbone.  Council members asked to receive a copy of letter of invitation that was sent to SNDLC.  Mr. Rolfes will follow-up with this request.


Equipment Reporting. Nebraska Revised Statute 86-520.01 regarding information technology purchases and reporting requirements was passed in the 2010 legislative session.  Below is an excerpt from the bill:

86-520.01. Information technology purchases; standards; use of Network Nebraska; notice required; when   (excerpt… An education-related political subdivision shall provide notice in writing, if required by guidelines established by the University of Nebraska and the Chief Information Officer for participation in Network Nebraska, to the distance education director of the Educational Service Unit Coordinating Council, the University of Nebraska, and the Chief Information Officer prior to the use of any new or additional equipment that will impact the use of Network Nebraska by such education-related political subdivision or other education-related political subdivisions.

This list of items to be reported was taken to the Network Nebraska Advisory Group and to the ESU-NOC for their input and recommendations prior to implementation. New, Additional, or Replaced Equipment or network changes that need to be reported:

All information submitted will go into a database.  Non-public schools and independent colleges were also encouraged to use the online reporting form, although they are not specifically required according to the statute.  The question was raised as to when information should be submitted – at the pre-planning phase, at the time of purchase, or at the time of implementation.  It was recommended to submit information at pre-planning so that verification of the effect of the network can be determined.



(Task Group Membership, Action Item Matrix of assignments, and Action Item Listing)

Emerging Educational Technologies Task Group.  Jeff Johnson will co-chair the new task group with Steve Hamersky.  Mr. Hamersky reported back to the Council.  The Task Group will focus on two tasks:

·         Review and research how other states are using emerging technologies in the classroom

·         Research cloud computing and mobile devices

Other topics and discussed in the work session were as follows:

·         With all the vast amount of information available to students via emerging technologies, what is the “purpose” of schools?

·         Coordinating and sharing resources to save money for school districts

·         Possibly conduct a survey to solicit ideas and needs for emerging technologies.

The group will continue working on a collaborative document to propose goals and new action items.


Governance Task Group.  Dr. Uhing reported back to the Council. Both goals N2a and N4h have been met for current year and should continue as is.  The group would like to add two new action items:

·         Support the Network Nebraska Advisory Group and the Emerging Technologies Task Group

·         Develop benchmarks to evaluate the effectiveness of the new Virtual School initiative in Nebraska.


Network Nebraska Services Task Group.  Mr. Clipperton reported to the Council.

N2a: This action item has been completed for current year and should continue as is.

N3a; This action item should continue as is.  Group would like to see if Network Nebraska can address the last mile for cost effectiveness to participants.

N4a: This action item should continue.  The Task Group recommended changing the wording “catalog of services” to “catalog of current services” and recommended completion by June 2011 to be shared with all Network Nebraska participants.  This goal should continue as is.

N4b: This action item should continue as is.  The group recommended contacting the participants to get feedback as to what advanced services they would like Network Nebraska to provide, as well as to determine what current services they don’t utilize.

N4h: This action item has been met for current year and should continue as is.

N4i: This action item has been met for current year but should continue as is.

D2a: The group recommended that this action item should be transferred to the Marketing Task Group.

D5: This action item should continue as is.  This will be important to the Virtual School initiative.  The group felt it was vital to address authentication and identity management.

D6: This action item should continue as is.

D7: The group recommended that this action item should be merged with N4b.

Marketing Task Group.  Ms. Witt reported to the Council.  The group recommended that all five action items should continue as is: N4e, N4f, N4i, D7, and E1.  The marketing survey data has been received and is currently being analyzed.  It is anticipated that a final draft report will be available by the end of March.  Education Council members will receive a copy of the draft for review prior to the next meeting.


Dr. Chipps asked that council members get their task group notes to Mr. Rolfes by Tuesday, March 10th, for inclusion in the minutes.



Nebraska Regional Broadband Forums.  Mr. Rolfes provided Nebraska Regional Broadband Forum information and dates to the Council members.  He encouraged members to attend and share information from an education perspective.




The next meeting of the NITC Education Council will be held May 10th, 1-3:30 p.m.  The location will be determined.  Agenda items will include:

·         Virtual School Report

·         Google Applications

·         Network Nebraska

·         Postsecondary Student Information System


Mr. Johnson moved to adjourn.  Mr. Clipperton seconded.  All were in favor. Motion carried.



Meeting minutes were taken by Lori Lopez Urdiales and reviewed by Tom Rolfes, Office of the CIO/NITC.