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December 18, 2013 Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 at 9:00am
Host site: Lincoln Executive Building, Room 103, 521 S. 14th, Lincoln
Remote: UNMC, MSC Room 3029, 42nd & Emile, Omaha
Remote: Wayne State College, NATS Conference Room, 1111 Main St, Wayne
Remote: ESU 10, 76 Plaza Blvd., Kearney
Remote: ESU 13, 4215 Avenue I, Scottsbluff
Remote: Southeast Community College, Eicher Bldg IVC Room, 600 State Street, Milford

Open Meetings Act (PDF - 7 pgs, 81kb)


1. Call to Order, Electronic Posting, Location of Open Meeting Law Documents, Roll Call, Introductions



2. Consider approval of the Agenda for the December 18, 2013 meeting*



3. Consider approval of the Minutes from the October 16, 2013 meeting*



4. Presentation: Incommon Pilot Project by ESUCC on Network Nebraska-Education

S. Isaacson & M. Danahy


5. Presentation: Mobile Pulse Application to measure wireless broadband access

C. Robbins


6. NITC Statewide Technology Plan

A. 2014-2016 Network Nebraska, Digital Education, E-Gov Action Items

B. Consider Assignment of Action Items to EC Task Groups



7. Task Group Reports

A. Emerging Technologies Task Group

B. Services Task Group

C. Governance Task Group

D. Marketing Task Group

Co-Chairs & Task Group Leads

10:50 am

8. Network Nebraska-Education Report

A. RFP 4582

B. Membership Outlook for 7/1/2014

T. Rolfes


9. Subsector Updates

A. State colleges

B. Community colleges

C. Independent colleges

D. University of Nebraska

E. K-12 public & private

Co-Chairs & Council members

11:20 am

10. Agenda Items for the 2/19/2014 Meeting


11:25 am

11. Consider location for the 2/19/2014 Meeting


11:30 am

12. Adjournment


* Indicates an expected action item.

The Council will attempt to adhere to the sequence of the published agenda, but reserves the right to adjust the order of items if necessary and may elect to take action on any of the items listed.

The NITC Education Council wishes to thank the NET staff for helping arrange the December 18, 2013 meeting.

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Meeting Notice Posted to the NITC Web site 10-18-2013
Meeting Notice Posted to the Nebraska Public Meeting Calendar 10-18-2013
Agenda Posted to the NITC Web site 12-16-2013