Network Nebraska Meeting Notes

November 1, 2012 - 1-3PM CT (Video Conference)


K12 Attendance:

Alliance Public Schools: Dan Hoesing

ESU 01 (Wakefield): Bob Uhing

ESU 02 (Fremont): Mike Danahy

ESU 10 (Kearney): John Stritt

ESU 16 (North Platte): Scott Jones

ESU 18 (Lincoln): Kirk Langer

Pope John XXIII: Betty Getzfred

Not present: Mike Kvanvig


Higher Ed Attendance:

U of N: Debbie Schroeder (Kearney)

U of N: Mike Ruhrdanz (Lincoln)

State Colleges: Gene Beardslee (Peru)

State Colleges: John Dunning (Wayne)

Community Colleges: Lyle Neal (Milford),

Community Colleges: Tom Peters (Kearney)

Independent Colleges: Jason Degn (streaming)

Not present: Mike Carpenter


CAP/staff Liaisons present:

Walter Weir, Rick Golden, Tom Rolfes (Lincoln-Varner), Leona Roach, Brad Weakly (UNCSN)


Agenda Items:

John Stritt opened the meeting at 1:01pm CT.


1.   Welcome - Roll Call and Introductions and Agenda Additions (visitors)

a.Roll call from 12 sites found 14 members, 5 CAP/liaisons present, with 2 absences.


2.   September 12 Meeting Notes (

John reviewed the meeting notes from the September 12 meeting.


3.   NNAG Charter Approval Draft (Deb Schroeder)

•  Added - The operational year is July 1 through June 30

    Debbie reviewed the recent suggested changes to the Charter with the new operational year as being July 1 through June 30. Lyle Neal moved, Jason Degn seconded, to add July 1 through June 30 to the NNAG charter. Yes-12, No-0, Motion Carried.


4.   *Review history of Network Nebraska and NNAG (John Stritt)

John reviewed the paragraph from the NNAG charter and the OCIO fee memo that dealt with the origination of the Network Nebraska Advisory Group (see end of meeting notes). John recalled that a list of 40 items from then-Wayne State CIO, Dennis Linster, to State CIO, Brenda Decker, helped provide the impetus for the Education Council to charter the advisory group to provide strategic input to the State CIO about how Network Nebraska should be managed.


5.   Reports (Reports impacting NNAG discussion)

•  CAP

•  Network Nebraska Update (Rick Golden)-Rick reported that outside of a few interruptions of service on the network, that everything has been stable.

•  Membership Update (Tom Rolfes)-Tom reported that the apparent end of the LB 1208 equipment reimbursement may cause some of the non-participants to join the network in spring 2013. Also, one nonpublic school and one private college are considering network membership if the cost-to-benefit ratio is favorable.

•  RFP, E-rate (Tom Rolfes)-Tom reported that the upcoming RFP should be posted in mid-November and be opened in mid- to late December. SuAnn will assist the OCIO in filing the federal E-rate documents to accompany the RFP. Tom also reported that the last of the Forms 479 for Internet safety compliance and the Letters of Agency have been collected from all the K-12 entities for 2013-14.

•  Marketing Survey (SuAnn Witt)-SuAnn Witt was not present but did provide the draft copy of the Network Nebraska Marketing Survey Report.

•John asked that the NNAG members review the survey report and make suggestions and comment for incorporation in the December 2012 version.


•  Education Council (Tom Rolfes)

•Tom reviewed the results of the technical and programmatic review of the NETC project, 47-04, and ESUCC-01, the BlendED Initiative.  The Ed Council voted to give Project 47-04 a Tier 2 priority and the ESUCC-01 a Tier 1 priority for the Governor and Legislature.


•  ESUCC (Bob Uhing)

•Bob Uhing reported that the BlendED Initiative has been conceived as a standards-based software deployment rather than naming a single software product. Bob also reported that there is a new BlendED advisory committee that is considering a K-16 focus instead of just a K-12 focus.


•  ESU DEC/NOC Advisory Committee

•  DEC Report (Scott Jones)

•Scott Jones reported that the DEC also discussed the BlendED initiative. Scott reported that Senator McGill is considering a change to the LB 1208 language affecting the incentives. Nov. 5-9 is distance learning week.


•  NOC Report/Help Desk (Mike Danahy)

•Leona Roach reported that we’re off to a slow start with the iSupport software. No trouble tickets have been submitted, yet, but Leona wants to make sure that the system is operating properly and is sending notices out to all named technicians. Technician status allows a person to cut their own trouble tickets and also view trouble Network Nebraska trouble tickets similar to one’s own. Mike Danahy has requested 1 hour on the Nov. 29 ESU-NOC agenda to kick off the iSupport system. Mike has been working with Jordan Clark from ESU 10 on the directory services schema to be able to demonstrate by Dec. 1.


•  Post-secondary Organizations (Community, State, Private Colleges)

•  Community - (Lyle Neal, Tom Peters)

•Lyle reported that the community colleges have not met since August but are very interested in the statewide repository, if not also the learning management system from the BlendED initiative. Tom Peters mentioned that Mike Carpenter and he had met with Rick Golden about the prospect of disaster recovery services. UNCSN has been doing a pilot project with a few institutions.

•  Private - (Jason Degn, Mike Carpenter)

•Jason reported that the Independent Colleges business officers met and seemed very interested in Network Nebraska. The CSM vice-president of development termed Network Nebraska as the solution for college residential and recreational use.

•  State - (Gene Beardslee, Jon Dunning)

•No report.


6. NNAG Committees (*Chair of committee):

•2012-13 Budget - *Schroeder, Golden, Cone, Dunning, Peters.

•No report.

•NN Participation Profile Expanded Committee - Witt, Danahy, Langer, Schroeder, Weir, Hoesing


•  Service Level Agreement (SLA) recommended updates. (SuAnn Witt) ** (SLA Document)

•   John explained the recommendations provided by SuAnn Witt related to the SLA (found at the end of the meeting notes) and recommended acceptance of all suggested edits and changes. John asked if any progress has been made on the participation profile. No additions were available. The vote on the acceptance of the SLA edits was tabled until the next meeting.


•Web Design Review - *Kvanvig, Rolfes, Stritt

•Tom reported that the Office of the CIO has other projects ahead of the Network Nebraska website project but that a set appointment to discuss a timeline with the web developers could put the project back on track.

•IPV6 - *Dunning, Meainke, Danahy, Langer, Hollman, Christensen, Haffener, Wooters.

•John Dunning reported that the IPv6 group has not met recently. John asked whether we wanted to make this an advanced technologies group. John hoped to have an IPv6 conversion timeline ready for the next meeting. John mentioned cloud services as the next “big issues” for service roll out on Network Nebraska. Wayne State College had a denial of service attack earlier this year and recommended that Network Nebraska take some pro-active action to prevent any further attacks.

•Debbie asked about Internet2 eligibility for services and whether SEGP members are able to take advantage of Internet2 offerings. Mike Ruhrdanz related that UNL is the only recognized entity that has Internet2 voting privileges and is termed the Internet2 connector. Internet2 Net+ services are eligible only for Internet2 members. Mike said that it would be more cost-effective if each Network Nebraska entity that was interested to pay for a licensed service, at around $10,000-$12,000 per year (e.g. by ESU). The next NNAG meeting will include the Net+ program offerings, amount of bandwidth to Internet2 GigaPop, and the amount of commodity Internet traffic that is being passed on a daily basis.


7.          Committee reorganization - Please complete the committee organization survey

        John Stritt asked that each member and liaison respond to the committee organization survey. John asked for suggestions to re-organize our committee work. IPv6 and firewalling will be moved under Network Nebraska emerging technologies and have Internet2, LMS, CMS, traffic shaping, etc... be moved under application services. Web design should be moved under marketing. Network Nebraska membership will include participation profiling, cost recovery. Governance will apply to the governance of the NNAG. John will revise the survey and send out to the NNAG. Members can be on more than one subcommittee.


8.   Agenda Items for next Meeting

•     SLA Edits & Approval

•     Committee plan for 2012-13

•     Web Design

•     ESU-NOC update on iSupport

•     Internet2 bandwidth and services


9.   Next Meeting Date - Week of January 28-February 1


John and Debbie adjourned the meeting at 2:43 pm.



*History of NNAG

•  Network Nebraska - 2007

•  NNAG organized in July 2009

•  Reports to CIO and other related committees (Ed Council, CAP, ESUCC, DEC, etc)

•  Membership - 8 K-12 (7 original members), 8 post-secondary (3 original members), CAP liaisons, NITC/NDE reps. Others interested in meetings can participate in meetings.

•  Meetings scheduled on a bi-monthly or as needed basis.

•  All meetings held over video conferencing as open meetings is not a requirement.

•  OCIO bridge supports meetings.

•  Streaming available for others interested in participating through browser.

•  Major focus - Review NN budget, monitoring NN upgrades, NN membership, NN services, NN awareness (web site, membership, survey), monitoring network evolution, update charter.



**SLA Recommendations from SuAnn Witt

The SLA has appeared on the NNAG agenda since March 2012 with no action and in

other committees for some time prior to that. Therefore, I think NNAG, as the advisory

group to the OCIO, needs to --

1. Discuss whether or not the SLA is valuable to both the service providers (OCIO et al) and member/partners. (I say yes)..

2. If it is determined to be of value, review and approve any changes/modifications.

3. Move to “approve” the use of the SLA document as soon as determined

appropriate by the group, or identify other actions that need to be taken to make

this document valid.

d.   Communicate its recommendation(s) to the OCIO.


Suggested updating of SLA process:

1.      Recommend that we accept all deleted word changes.

2.      Recommend that Appendix I be updated

3.      Recommend that the document with above changes be edited to reflect only the comments as suggested.

4.      Recommend that NNAG membership review document prior to January meeting.

•        Recommend that NNAG membership discuss recommended changes at January meeting.

•        Recommend that NNAG membership vote on approval of recommended changes at January meeting.

5.      Recommend that an SLA committee continue as a review and working group and that at the last meeting of each NNAG year that they report to NNAG proposed changes to update the SLA agreement.