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Network Architecture Workgroup

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Develop recommendations for the Technical Panel on technical issues pertaining to the state's network architecture and provide technical input to the Collaborative Aggregation Partnership

Scope & Boundaries

This work group's input and recommendations should remain within the outline of the network architecture contained in the Statewide Technology Plan. This includes physical and logical network topologies as well as the software protocols that enable all the devices to inter-operate with one another. The work group should generally recommend the most efficient and appropriate technology to accomplish the objectives defined by the Network Policy Work Group and stakeholders of the network.

Goals & Outcomes

Conduct informative and working sessions to recommend the best technical and operational oversight of a statewide network;

Research the advantages and disadvantages of various technological approaches and make detailed recommendations to the Technical Panel;

Explore emerging technologies to enhance the network's ability to deliver services;

Provide advice on technical issues to the Collaborative Aggregation Partnership as they aggregate bandwidth and develop a shared network;

Take part in an annual meeting of all network participants to discuss network performance, growth projections, emerging technologies, vendor service, and reliability;

Identify "best practices" and recommend "standards and guidelines" for the network architecture.


This work group will be chartered by the NITC Technical panel. Representatives serve on behalf of their network constituents and provide technical input to the Collaborative Aggregation Partnership in order to serve the telecommunications needs of Nebraska network participants.