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NITC 5-401: Active Directory; User Photographs

Category: Groupware Architecture
Applicability: All state agencies, boards, and commissions
History: Adopted on December 10, 2013.

1. Purpose

Microsoft's Active Directory has an attribute ("thumbnailPhoto") to store a thumbnail portrait photograph of each user. Other applications, including Microsoft Outlook and the Exchange Global Address List, will display these photographs automatically in the context of providing information about the user. This document provides guidance on the use of this feature in the State's shared Active Directory forest.

2. Standard

2.1 Optional Use

Each agency has the option to use, or not use, the photograph functionality in the State's shared Active Directory forest. If an agency chooses to use this functionality, the following requirements and procedures will apply.

2.2 Image File Requirements

  • File type: JPEG
  • File size: 10K or smaller
  • File name: Same as the user login ID plus the .jpg extension (example john.doe.jpg)
  • Photo size: 96x96 pixels is recommended
  • Photo content: A recent head-and-shoulders photograph of the user (not an avatar, icon, drawing, etc.)

2.3 Procedures

  • Each agency is responsible for obtaining photographs of their users.
  • The OCIO will provide a mechanism for receiving agency image files to be uploaded.
  • Agencies shall not modify the Active Directory thumbnailPhoto attribute directly.