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NITC 5-102: Microsoft Enterprise Agreement – Home Use Program Policy

Category: Groupware Architecture
Applicability: Applies to all state government agencies participating in the Statewide Microsoft Enterprise Agreement
History: Adopted on November 15, 2011. Broken link removed on August 31, 2016.

1. Purpose

The purpose of the Home Use Program is to encourage consistency in the office productivity software that employees use at home and at work. Skills learned at home will translate better to the workplace, which leads to higher productivity at work. The Home Use Program is not intended to require or encourage telework or taking work home.

1.1 Background

One benefit of software assurance for Microsoft Office that is included under the statewide Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is the Home Use Program. The Home Use Program allows a qualified employee to pay a nominal fee to Microsoft to download and install the most recent version of Office Professional Plus on one home computer and use another copy on a personally owned portable device.

Some of the key provisions of the program include the following:
(Based on information from Microsoft documentation. "Customer" means the State of Nebraska.)

  • Under the Home Use Program, customers' employees, who are users of the licensed qualifying applications, may acquire a single license for the corresponding Home Use Program software, to be installed on one home computer. The license terms for that software permit the primary user of the home computer to install and use another copy on a portable device.
  • The number of Home Use Program licenses that may be acquired for any given desktop application is limited to the number of licenses for the corresponding qualifying desktop application(s) for which the customer acquires Software Assurance.
  • Under the Home Use Program, an employee's usage rights are tied to continued employment with the Customer, and end with termination of employment, termination or expiration of Software Assurance coverage for the copy of the corresponding desktop application that employee uses at work, the employee is no longer a user of the licensed copy of the software, or upon the employee's installation and use of any prior or later version of that desktop application pursuant to a Home Use Program license.
  • Customers are not responsible for their individual employee's compliance with the Home Use Program end user license terms. Those terms are between Microsoft and the customer's employee and do vary from the rights provided under the customers Volume Licenses. Microsoft does require that customers limit the Home Use Program access to employees and inform employees of when they should discontinue use of the Home Use Program software in conjunction with a lapse in Software Assurance coverage or employment termination.
  • Offering the Home Use Program (HUP) involves the following steps:
  • First customer must activate the Home Use Program benefits. Once activated, the Software Assurance Manager (within the OCIO) will get a HUP program code that can be distributed to employees using the email templates, banner ads or other downloadable marketing resources from HUP.
  • Employees getting this information will use their HUP program code and work email address (must use work e-mail address) to validate their eligibility. Once accepted, they'll get a confirmation email that allows them to make purchases directly through the HUP Online Store.
  • Employees pay $9.95 to Microsoft for the license and download of each product available. Physical back-up media is available for an additional $12.00 (includes shipping/not available for Language Packs). Prices can change and do vary outside the U.S. See the HUP Web site for current offers.

2. Policy

State agencies may offer the Microsoft Home Use Program to their employees subject to the following restrictions:

  • State agencies must have committed to participating in the Statewide Microsoft Enterprise Agreement by purchasing Office Professional licenses through the OCIO.
  • State employees must have a state email address ( and must use Office Professional at work.
  • State agencies must determine which employees are eligible and whether any agency specific statutes or other restrictions apply.

3. Support

While the OCIO manages and provides support for the Enterprise Agreement, there will be no support for individual users of the Home Use Program. Neither the OCIO nor state agencies will provide support for this program.