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To further the use of e-government to improve services and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of agencies.


The three goals for e-government are:

Government-to-Citizen and Government-to-Business. Anyone needing to do business with state government will be able to go to the state's Website, easily find the information or service they need, and if they desire, complete all appropriate transactions electronically. Areas to be addressed include citizen portal enhancement; business portal enhancements; education portal; and forms automation.

Government-to-Government. State agencies will improve services and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of government operations through collaboration, communication, and data sharing between government agencies at all levels.

Government-to-Employee and Internal Operations. Agencies will examine internal operations to determine cost-effective e-government applications and solutions. The purpose of these efforts is to improve efficiency and effectiveness by replacing manual operations with automated techniques.

The e-government principles guiding the council are:

• E-government should be considered a continuous process of using technology to serve citizens and improve agency operations;

• Internet technologies create new opportunities for major change, including self-service, integration of information and services, and elimination of time, distance and availability of staff as constraints to providing information and services;

• Agencies have responsibility for performing statutory functions, which means that agency directors must retain ownership of data, responsibility over the use of information technology, and prioritization of projects within the agency to achieve the greatest benefit;

• Cooperation is critical to achieving the goals of e-government, in order to integrate information and services and allow the easy exchange of information;

• An enterprise approach is essential to e-government, including the topics of accessibility for disabled persons, architecture, directories, funding, portal, privacy, security, and other issues; and

• E-government is defined as the use of technology to enhance information sharing, service delivery, constituency and client participation, and governance by transforming internal and external relationships.


The primary benefits from the use of e-government are: improved services for citizens and businesses and increased efficiency and effectiveness for agencies.

Current Action Items (2012-2014)

1. Provide better mobile browsing access and functionality for state government websites, including offering mobile apps when suitable.

2. Provide for better access to information and services from the OCIO by providing services through an online Apps Catalog and Store.

3. Maintain the Education Portal on the State of Nebraska website.

Refer to the Statewide Technology Plan for further information.